Why PUBG Mobile Lite makes perfect sense for 2019

Posted on September 27, 2019 - Last Updated on February 4, 2021

Tencent Games have recently released PUBG Mobile Lite in an attempt to boost the popularity of the hit battle royale title. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile was originally released for iOS and Android devices in 2018. Although it proved to be very successful, the sheer size of the game meant that it could only be played on the latest mobile devices.

But with PUBG Mobile Lite, Tencent will be hoping that the title becomes one of the hit mobile games of the year. Research has shown that the release of the slimmed-down game will mean that PUBG Mobile Lite will be accessible for over 750 million more Android smartphones than Fortnite.

The game was released in August 2019, and PUBG Mobile Lite has already been downloaded over 60 million times in countries as far-ranging as Brazil and India. At the moment there is no iOS version of the PUBG Mobile Lite game.

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  • Number of players: PUBG Mobile Lite features just 40 players, rather than 100
  • Map size: PUBG Mobile Lite includes a simple 2km x 2km map, rather than all of the maps of the PC game that feature in the standard PUBG Mobile title.
  • Graphics: Although both versions feature Unreal Engine 4, the Lite version has a reduced amount of graphical content

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile was a very successful game for Tencent, but the new Lite version requires just 600MB of storage compared to 2GB for the original PUBG mobile game. Similarly PUBG Mobile Lite only needs 1GB of RAM compared to 2GB for the standard battle royale title.



The new PUBG mobile experience is something that can be enjoyed on a much wider variety of devices. It’s a different approach to Epic Games’ Fortnite which requires iOS11 on an iPhone 6 or higher, or 3GB of RAM on an Android device operating version 8.1.

The Battle Royale For The Mobile Market

Ever since Fortnite was released, it quickly became one of the biggest gaming sensations of recent years. The game has also been accompanied by a fertile Fortnite betting scene that has even broadened to allow fans to bet on streamers.

Although Fortnite picked up over 125 million gamers in a year, PUBG Mobile Lite marks an aggressive move in the battle between these two mobile games. It shows that accessibility is a hugely important factor in the mobile games market.


The fact that there is a Call of Duty Mobile game coming very soon also reveals just how many big titles are now starting to cross over to smartphones and tablets. This ties into a growing trend of casual gamers who want to play, but don’t have the most expensive mobile gaming devices.

By introducing an even-more slimmed down version of PUBG, Tencent will be ensuring that this title is one of the most user-friendly battle royale games available. So although PUBG betting is still in its infancy, it looks like it could benefit greatly from this release.

Images courtesy of Newzoo and PUBG Corporation
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