WIN Group Cobble Together Shoemaker As New CEO

Published: Aug 11, 2021

One of the leading esports betting companies in the world, the WIN Group has announced that Stephen Shoemaker will take over as their new Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Shoemaker will take the helm and oversee the WIN Group’s planned global expansion of its esports business, as well as attempting to push through a number of new innovations and advances in the esports betting industry.

The WIN group includes the famous esports betting service, which is available via mobile as well as a website.

Vast Experience

The appointment of Mr. Shoemaker is being seen as a real positive for the WIN Group given that their new CEO boasts over 35 years of experience all over the world. He has overseen the raising of over $4 billion in capital for the companies that he has worked for.

In addition, he has also played an important role in a number of mergers and acquisitions for those companies. This experience will certainly be a positive for the WIN group as they move forward with plans to expand into different markets, using different strategies, around the world.

Prior to taking on the CEO role within the WIN Group, Mr. Shoemaker held the same position at Millennial Esports Corp. a publicly traded esports company.

Before that, he was the CFO and then CEO of the Asian Coast Development Ltd., where he played a key role in the business raising over $600m in capital to help with a variety of different projects.

Stephen Shoemaker WINGroup new CEO

“Aggressive Global Expansion”

Mr. Shoemaker’s appointment certainly fits the WIN Group’s strategy moving forward with WIN Group Executive Board Member Steven Sjoblad commenting:

“We are thrilled to have landed a CEO with Stephen Shoemaker’s pedigree.”

“WIN Group is primed for aggressive global expansion, and Mr. Shoemaker is the leader capable of seeing WIN Group through that process and beyond.”

“WIN Group continues to build great products and has developed a loyal audience.”

Mr. Shoemaker was also confident that he is the man to help the company take the next step globally when he added his own remarks.

“WIN Group has proven in a short period of time to be a company focused on leadership and innovation, with a sustainable, focused strategy that continues to result in high growth and excellent market penetration,” Mr. Shoemaker stated.

“WIN Group has a team with esports and sportsbook experience unlike any other, so it’s going to be a pleasure leading our team into this next round of growth for the company.”

Targeted Markets?

It is going to be interesting to see what new markets Stephen Shoemaker leads the WIN Group into, but with all the recent news about the emerging esports scene in Latin America, particularly South America and also in South East Asia (notably India and China), it is likely that these two markets, which experts feel are primed for huge growth, will be at the forefront of the WIN Group’s aims for expansion.

How Mr. Shoemaker intends to go about doing that remains to be seen, but having enjoyed great success in the past, it appears the WIN Group is in safe hands as they seek to become a globally recognised esports and sports betting brand.

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