Worlds 2021 Semifinals – EDG and DK Pull Through

Posted on November 1, 2021 - Last Updated on October 27, 2022

After two insane close series, DWG KIA and EDG have come out victorious from the 2021 League of Legends Worlds semifinals. Let’s see what went down and how these two teams were able to clutch it out in such an important moment.

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Worlds 2021 Semifinals – DK vs T1

DK beat the legendary organization T1 in a five-game series on Saturday. The battle between the two LCK teams was long-awaited: the old guard going up against last year’s Worlds Champions. Young players across the board, coupled with veterans like Khan and Faker, are showing how LoL Esports is evolving throughout the years.

This, however, was not the only thing it evolved. DK vs T1 showcased some of the most exciting drafts throughout the entirety of the tournament, evolving and adapting as the series unfolded. Everything started in Game 1 when DK pulled out Maokai support to partner with Jhin down in the bottom lane.

The pick worked out wonderfully, as the combo created insane pressure in lane and zoned Gumayusi out. The combo allowed DK to slowly create a gold gap between the two carries. Jhin’s longer range and insane burst made it really for hard T1 to respond, as they handed all objectives on the map. In less than 30 minutes, DK broke the base and took the first win.

T1, however, turned it around in Games 2 and 3. The Lissandra counterpick against Leblanc proved to be very effective. After an even game, it came down to Oner’s Baron steal to close out the second game. Then, in Game 3, T1 pulled out Zilean to answer the Maokai support we saw earlier. Needless to say, it worked wonderfully: DK’s burst all-in comp could do little with Zilean’s revive and T1 was the team to take it to match point. Finals were one step away, but DK proved to everyone why they are the Worlds Champions.

They quickly took Game 4 thanks to a very aggressive comp that T1 could not match in the early game. That made DK understand T1’s weakness, as they drafted a similar pick-comp again in Game 5. Thanks to an Elder Drake secure, DK turned the series around and became the first finalist for Worlds 2021. If DK actually wins everything, as we predicted in our own LoL Pick’em, we might witness a new era of Korean dominance once again.

EDG vs Gen.G

Just like the first Worlds 2021 semifinal, the second one ended with a 3-2 score. Edward Gaming clutched out over Gen.G as they secured themselves their team’s first-ever Worlds Final.

Weirdly enough, the series played out very similarly to the other one. EDG won the first game, but handed Game 2 and 3 to Gen.G. Then, they turned it again thanks to master performances by EDG’s mid laner Scout. Not only did he deny the comfort picks like Zoe for Bdd, but he was very consistent with all the control mages. A total KDA of 25/6/24 across the five games tells you that he carried EDG on his back. With that being said, there’s another member that did equally well… and that’s the jungler Jiejie.

He was responsible for a lot of the early game action for EDG and handed the resources Scout needed to take the game over. Both EDG and DK’s jungle mid-duo are insanely strong, so let’s hope to see an explosive battle between these two.

Both DK and EDG have won their respective domestic leagues this summer, so it might be destiny to see them representing their regions at Worlds 2021. Will DK manage to defend their title? Or will EDG bring the title back to China once again? Tune in on Nov. 6 to watch the Worlds 2021 Championship Final.

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