Worlds 2022 Play-In Day 1 – Analysis and Predictions

Published: Sep 28, 2022 - Last Updated: Oct 27, 2022

The biggest and most important League of Legends event of 2022 is just hours away. 24 of the best teams in the world will battle it out for success at Worlds 2022. On the first day of Play-In, the first step of the tournament will feature a total of 8 matches. Due to the time difference, European viewers will have difficulty following the matches. Here is the schedule of the day and our picks.

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Isurus Gaming vs MAD Lions

Predictions: Total kills under 26.5

League of Legends Words Odds: 1.82

Betting Site: Odds provided by Duelbits

When: September 29, 2022 – 22:00 CEST

Worlds 2022 will open with LEC representative MAD Lions and Latin American team ISURUS Gaming. We’ve seen South American teams compete in the Play-In stages for years, but so far, without success. There are various reasons for this, but the biggest factor is the low level of competition in the region.

MAD Lions performed poorly in the playoffs of LEC Summer 2022. In particular, they didn’t play the way they were expected to and lost the chance to start the tournament from the main stage. Despite this, they are the favorite against a weak opponent and will not make any mistakes.

Fnatic vs Evil Geniuses

LoL PredictionsEvil Geniuses to win

Odds: 1.75

LoL Worlds Betting Site: Odds provided by Duelbits

When: September 29, 2022 – 23:00 CEST

There are some very strong teams in the Play-In stage this year. After the changed format, the third and even fourth teams from the big leagues will play extra matches and try to make it to the main stage. Fnatic and Evil Geniuses are two of them.

Worlds 2022 Play-In Day 1 - Analysis and Predictions
@ LoL Esports

After finishing the regular season as the leader in North America, EG crashed into Cloud9 in the playoffs and was subsequently eliminated from the lower-bracket. Fnatic, on the other hand, almost pulled off a miracle and pulled themselves out of a very bad situation to qualify for Worlds 2022 in spectacular fashion.

Looking at the recent form graphs, Fnatic are one step ahead, but Evil Geniuses are the better side overall.

LOUD vs Beyond Gaming

Predictions: Beyond Gaming to win

Odds:  1.52

Betting Site: Odds provided by Duelbits

When: September 30, 2022 – 00:00 CEST

Beyond Gaming couldn’t overcome their bad luck again and qualified for the World Championships as the second team of the PCS. After falling behind PSG Talon last year, the team lost to CTBC Flying Oyster in the final this year and had to start the tournament from the Play-In. There is a lot of interest in League of Legends in Taiwan. This interest has increased every year, which has led to an increase in the quality of the local league. In recent years, we have witnessed teams from this region giving big teams big problems.

Brazilian representatives have been competing on the international stage for many years. They have produced some good representatives from time to time, but they haven’t gotten very far. LOUD is one of the teams that have joined this competition in recent years and they have some good players on their roster. However, Beyond Gaming is one step ahead in this matchup.

MAD Lions vs Istanbul Wildcats

Predictions: MAD Lions to win

Odds:  1.28

Betting Site: Odds provided by Duelbits

When: September 30, 2022 – 01:00 CEST

Armut, the star top lane player of MAD Lions, will face his countrymen Istanbul Wildcats. The Turkish team has established a long-standing dominance in their region. It never mattered who their opponents were and they always managed to become champions. However, this success has always been for the Spring season. Despite having so much success, this is the first time they have qualified for Worlds. And their first match is against a team much stronger than them.

Despite a poor performance at MSI 2021, IWC managed to beat MAD Lions. They will try to repeat the same feat once again. However, I am almost certain that this time MAD Lions will be much more prepared and will defeat their opponent.

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