WoW Dragonflight Cinematic Revealed

Published: Apr 20, 2022

Many had doubts that this reveal was going to happen so early, especially with the fact that the patch 9.3 was released on February 22nd this year and that the race to world 1st ended not even a month ago. Regardless, the new expansion for World of Warcraft has been announced, and it is called Dragonflight.

Image Credits | Blizzard

When is the release date?

While we all knew the name of the expansion, as there was a leak almost a whole month before the official reveal, we still do not know when the expansion is going to be released. With speculation, many hope that it will arrive somewhere in 2023, but honestly, it can take as long as it wants to come out if it comes out in the optimal condition. No one wants to play another Beta for Azeroth or experience lore as we did in the Shadowlands.

What are the new features?

Usually, when it comes to new expansions, there are only a couple of new features that seem interesting, but this time around, there are a lot of them. Some may be more exciting than others, but since the systems are probably not even in alpha, we will give room for those that we doubt to be improved until then.

New zone and level cap

It is no surprise that a new expansion will bring brand new locations, which are the Dragon Isles. There are going to be only four new zones on the new island, but they are all going to be massive, thanks to another feature that we will talk about later on. While we had a level squish in the last expansions, this time around, we are going to progress to level 70.

New playable race and class

In the history of WoW, this is the first time ever that we are getting a new race and class that is exclusive to one another. The race is called the Dracthyr, and it will allow players to play for the first time ever to the closest thing to a dragon. They will be able to play only as a single class, which is the new class called the Evoker. Considering this is the first time ever that a race/class combo is introduced to WoW, it is quite exciting.

Revamped Talents, Professions, and UI

All players who are fans of the Classic experience know how amazing the talent trees were back in the day. While they have certainly been streamlined in today’s versions of Classic games, back then, they seemed like a player had a lot of options. The revamped talent tree is an homage to the old one, as it looks quite similar, but it also uses some modern ideas. Regardless, it seems something that will give esports betting enthusiasts a bit more homework to study through before they place their bets on their favorite teams.

There seems to be some kind of revamp with the professions, but honestly, this is the least exciting feature, as the idea that the developers have seems a bit iffy. It is probably one of the features that are going to get changed before the official release.

Another update that is long-awaited is the one related to the UI. Today, pretty much no player uses the original UI, and they replace it with some sort of addon. It has taken a while, but the developers have finally noticed and are revamping the UI with lots of new interesting changes (they are more or less incorporating the addons into the game).


One of the biggest and most exciting features of the expansion is dragonriding. It is basically flying, but one that involves more than just pressing a space button. It is an all-new skill-based way of moving through the air, where you will be able to customize your dragon.

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