WoW MDI: Watch The Great Push This Weekend

Published: Dec 9, 2021

World of Warcraft has been one of the most popular MMOs ever since it was released back in 2004, and it still holds that title. While the state of Activision Blizzard does not have the best reputation right now, that is not stopping fans of the game to look forward to one of the best WoW esports events that they have to offer.

What is this event about?

There are a couple of different ways that one can enjoy and gear up in WoW today. While a lot of players will agree that the game balance is not the best when it comes to the arena, and the raids could use some polish when compared to previous content. Mythic+ is certainly in the best state since the Legion expansion, which makes this an actually exciting event.

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Mythic+ essentially lets you challenge dungeons in Shadowlands on a higher difficulty via mythic Keystones. They start out at 2 and go indefinitely. Of course, there is a certain barrier when the difficulty ramps up, and it Is usually around 20, where only the best of the best can clear the dungeons before the timer runs out.

The Great Push focuses on teams defeating the highest possible Keystone for a prize pool of US$20,000. There were quite a lot of participants for the qualifications this time, 7,500 teams that featured over 37,000 players. However, only six teams got to qualify for the final event that starts off Friday, December 10 at 10:00 am PST which will be broadcast on Youtube and Twitch.

Event format

The winner of the event will be the one to complete six dungeons at the highest Keystone level possible. While the teams can do the dungeons in whatever order, to spice things up for the esports betting scene, on day one, only four dungeons will be available. The second dungeon is revealed at the start of day two, and the last dungeon on day three.

Each day, the teams will have five hours to prove their skills and go through the dungeons the best they can. Of course, it wouldn’t be entertaining if there were no stakes since day one, which is why at the end of days one and two, each team’s highest Keystones from all dungeons are going to be combined. After that, the standings are made, and the team with the lowest score is eliminated.

Teams To Look Forward To

Echo Guardians, Method Sheeesh, Aster.Y, Mambo Jambo, Incarnation, and Bonedust are the teams that have qualified for the event. You will probably recognize some names being one of the best WoW guilds out there when it comes to mythic raiding as well as their previous MDI accomplishments.

Of course, since we still do not know which dungeons are going to be played, and what affixes are going to be applied through the Keystone modifier, we certainly know one thing, and that is that Blizzard likes to push the players to their limits, which is why you do not want to miss out on this weekend’s event.

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