X10 CRIT Release Their Valorant Roster

Published: Jan 5, 2022

The Thai esports organisation, X10 CRIT, parted ways with their Valorant roster after all of the player contracts expired. This was one of the best Valorant teams in the SEA region and also abroad. During the Valorant Champions, they proved to be a force to be reckoned with.

X10 CRIT, while not winning the tournament, still earned the respect of millions of Valorant fans and represented their region with pride. Sadly, this team seems to have run out of steam and all of the remaining members are now free agents.

While it’s sad to see them close this chapter, it will be exciting to see where they’ll all end up next.

Image Credits | X10 CRIT

Dominating the SEA region

X10 CRIT is the top squad in the SEA Valorant region. They finished the past season as the top of the SEA standings with 295 points. Team Secret, the other big surprise in the Valorant Champions, was right beneath them in 2nd spot with 225 points.

The team entered the Valorant Champions Tour pretty early and immediately found success. Nearly every VCT Challengers event went to X10 CRIT, as well as the first VCT SEA Stage 1 Masters event.

The team made their first LAN appearance in Reykjavík but ended up dropping out in the round 2 of the lower bracket. After that, they weren’t viewed as a serious threat and all the Valorant hype was revolving around the NA vs. EMEA rivalry, with NA dominating for the majority of the year.

However, it was during Valorant Champions that we finally saw a clear picture of the current state of Valorant esports. EMEA’s teams were clearly superior, but the two SEA squads, X10 CRIT and Team Secret, were the biggest surprises of the tournament.

Both teams had some insanely strong competition in the group stage and were written off almost immediately. As we now know, both teams made it to the playoffs while many other favourites were eliminated instead.

Even though we won’t be seeing the same team representing X10 CRIT, it’s important to remember these players and acknowledge their achievements. They have put SEA on the Valorant map and paved the way for others that will come after them.

Where will the players go now?

The ex-X10 CRIT squad is no more, so where will they go next?

We know that the former X10 star Patiphan retired from Valorant and joined the Overwatch League with Los Angeles Gladiators. This came almost immediately after Valorant Champions concluded and the fans were shocked, but they understood. Despite some great skills and incredible plays we’ve seen from him in Valorant, Overwatch was his true passion and he decided to follow it.

Image Credits | X10 CRIT

Nutchaphon “sScary” Matarat seemed rather relieved to see his contract expire and he tweeted: “Finally, I’m Free”. Perhaps his time spent in X10 wasn’t as enjoyable as we’d all like to believe.

But overall, these guys have had a great run in the Valorant Champions Tour and they’ve acquired a lot of skills they’ll now be able to take to their next team.

The X10 CRIT also expressed their gratitude to the team and said the following:

Thank you for making us believe, when everyone counted us out. All the best in the next part of your journey

We’ll surely see more from X10 CRIT in the near future, but also from the former squad members. They’re probably getting all kinds of offers right now, so it’ll be interesting to see where they’ll land next. As soon as we know more, we’ll let you know. So make sure to stay tuned.

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