XSET Sign Dephh As Their New IGL

Published: Jun 15, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 19, 2023

XSET has announced the acquisition of Rory “dephh” Jackson as the fifth and final member of their roster. The team recently released Wedid who was with the squad since October of last year.

This move suggests that XSET is making preparations for the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour Stage 3.

When they first entered this tournament back in January, they were seen as one of the weaker teams and expectations were quite low. However, this squad proved everyone wrong and went on to qualify for the VCT NA Stage 1 Masters, as well as VCT Stage 2 Challengers Finals.

Dephh is an excellent in-game leader and he’s highly versatile. Usually, leaders tend to pick support roles to have a better overview of the map and their team, allowing them to make better snap judgment calls. Dephh does fill in that role perfectly and can support his team flawlessly, but also frag when needed.

This roster change could push XSET into a more aggressive playstyle, which is already prevalent in the NA Valorant scene.

Dephh leads another team

During his time in Dignitas, dephh was the key piece of the puzzle. He was one of the original Dignitas five and would stay with the team until the day their roster was released.

It was his leadership that kept the team on the right track, but he didn’t have much control outside of the matches. Dignitas’ management went through a number of changes in the early days of the Valorant Champions Tour, failing to achieve any significant results before ultimately disbanding.

Where Dignitas failed, XSET succeeded. Dephh now finds himself leading one of the most promising teams in NA. The XSET boys were already highly unpredictable and had one of the most entertaining playstyles during the first two stages of the event. With Dephh at the helm, they’re bound to wreak havoc in Stage 3.

Dephh at ELEAGUE
Image Credits | HLTV

XSET were also happy to see dephh joining, and they stated the following:

“Through his versatility, and ability to lead the team in game, we believe he will bring XSET Valorant to new heights.”

Looks like it’s good times ahead for XSET, as the new lineup looks promising heading into Valorant Champions Tour Stage 3.

XSET is a team on the rise

The XSET squad first stepped onto the stage in late 2020, but they didn’t get much action. They tested the waters in a few smaller Valorant tournaments such as NSG x Complexity Invitational and the Nerd Street Gamers – Winter Championship, but nothing serious.

Valorant Champions Tour was on the horizon and the boys from XSET decided to jump into the fray with the rest of the big names of NA at the time. Truth be told, nobody was expecting much from XSET in that period of the tournament, and they were collectively seen as one of the weaker teams.

What soon followed was nothing short of amazing. On both Stage 1 Challengers events, they took the 4th spot, taking down many of NA’s top dogs in the process.

The first Masters event wasn’t so great for them as they faced an almost immediate elimination. However, they quickly bounced back up and started cleaning everything in their path in Stage 2 and placing 2nd in the VCT Stage 2 Challengers 1.

This crew is climbing the ladder and there’s a good chance they’ll shine even brighter once Stage 3 is here. They are one of the few teams who didn’t go through endless roster changes trying to find their playstyle. They know they play well, they know they can win, and with their new IGL they now have all the tools they need to make their dreams a reality.

We hope to see big things from XSET, and we expect them to blow our expectations away once again, just like they did in the previous two stages of the Valorant Champions Tour.

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