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XSET has been competing in Valorant for almost a year now, and in that short period of time they came out as one of the most interesting lineups in the NA Valorant scene. The organisation is now branching out into women’s Valorant by signing the NA female Valorant squad NOTHING2LOSE.

NOTHING2LOSE was an org-less team that competed in VCT: NA Game Changers Series 2 and more recently in the NA Series 3 open qualifiers. The squad will continue the competition in VCT: Game Changers under the name XSET Female and will play the first match of the event against the reigning champions Cloud9 White.

The Team’s Background

NOTHING2LOSE formed on May 22nd this year. The initial lineup featured Ariane “ARIANARCHIST” Lafrenière, Katherine “starriebun” So, and Carolyn “ArtstaR” Noquez along with Sarastarr and Katriggered, both of whom were later replaced.

Maryna “maryna” Semyaniv jumped in on July 31st as a replacement, and Elena “EllieTwitches” Garland joined on August 15th. The lineup had been solidified at thas point, and this was when the team truly found its synergy.

The team achieved solid results in the VCT: NA Game Changers Series 2, but outside Valorant Champions Tour they managed to win two VCT: Game Changers Academy events in July and August.

Much like XSET, this squad is quite young and new to the competitive Valorant scene, but already they’re making great strides. For a while they were without an organisation backing them up, but now they’ll have access to all the resources XSET has to offer and will be able to fully dedicate themselves to competing in VCT: Game Changers.

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XSET Expanding Rapidly

XSET is an organisation with teams in several games like Rocket League, PUBG, Rainbow Six: Siege, and of course, Valorant. Despite being founded in 2020, they compete on equal footing with esports organisations much older than them.

In Valorant, their main lineup surprised everyone with their interesting playstyle and the unpredictability factor. It was refreshing to see a team that tried new things instead of clutching to predictable tactics.

They haven’t fully reached the top yet, but can say that they’re one of the few teams who beat Sentinels at least once. Additionally, they find themselves one step away from qualifying for VCT Champions. If they manage to win the VCT: NA Last Chance Qualifiers, that dream will become a reality.

If that wasn’t enough, they now have a women’s Valorant team and will be able to compete in VCT: Game Changers. This will give them two quality teams to compete on both fronts in Valorant.

Can XSET Female Survive Cloud9 White

The first match of the VCT: NA Game Changers Series 3 starts today – and it’s between Cloud9 White and XSET Female.

Cloud9 White is probably the best women’s Valorant team in NA right now. They won both previous VCT: Game Changers Series events and are looking to take the third.

If XSET Female manages to cause an upset and send Cloud9 White into the lower bracket, it will be the perfect case scenario for them. The Valorant betting odds are stacked against them, but this time they’re not alone as they’re fighting under the banner of XSET. Will the new rush of motivation carry them to victory, or will they succumb to pressure? We’ll find out later today.

The Full XSET Female Team:

  • Ariane “ARIANARCHIST” Lafrenière
  • Katherine “starriebun” So
  • Carolyn “ArtstaR” Noquez
  • Maryna “maryna” Semyaniv
  • Elena “EllieTwitches” Garland


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