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Published: Jan 24, 2020 - Last Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Riot Games won’t be offering the massively popular Fantasy LCS so far for 2020. The League of Legend’s publisher revealed in 2019 that it hadn’t had the opportunity to “commit meaningful resources” to the perfect Fantasy LCS experience. Instead of maintaining what it says is an outdated and inflexible platform, Riot Games shut down Fantasy LCS last year. However, Riot is building a “new Fantasy experience,” it says will be the future of Fantasy, as well as “engaging and fun.

While we wait patiently for Riot’s reinvention of Fantasy LCS there are some alternative fantasy League of Legends options. The one we recommend can be found at one of the largest fantasy esports contest providers, DraftKings.

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DraftKings fantasy LCS

Instead of betting against a bookmaker, DraftKings fantasy LCS allows you to pitch your wits against other players allowing you to use research, patience, and your League of Legend’s knowledge to compete. Fantasy LCS is a game of skill not luck.

To play fantasy LCS at DraftKings you’ll need an account and you’ll need a real money fee to “buy-in,” or play. The site usually has a free ticket deal for new users so watch out for those promo codes! You won’t be betting your money on a team, but instead on individual players that you use to make up an LCS fantasy draft. You’ll then get points based on how many kills, deaths, assists and creep kills your selected pro LoL players get over the next few games. The fantasy LCS player with the most points takes a win from the prize pool.

Draftkings Lol Fantasy Make It Reign

In-depth, fun and skill-based

The fantasy league at DraftKings is in-depth, adding to the fun and skill involved. Fantasy contests have salary caps, so you only have a certain amount to spend building your perfect LoL team. You have to both budget and choose the right players, and fantasy teams are built up just like actual LoL lineups.

To give you a fighting chance to build up your skills on DraftKings, the platform pitches you against other new bettors and fantasy LCS players. You can also choose from different LoL fantasy contests such as major leagues, head to head clashes, double-ups, 50/50 tournaments, satellites, and multipliers.

Another great thing about fantasy LCS on DraftKings is that you can create your own contests and play private and free games with your friends to practice or just to hang out.

Image courtesy of LoL Esports / Draftkings

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