Neta ‘33’ Shapira is the current support/offlane player for OpTic Gaming.


Early Career

‘33’ began his Dota 2 career around 2015, when he began temporarily playing with teams such as hehe united. In late 2015, he joined No Logic Gaming. This team placed highly at a few minor events including BTS Europe #1 and Uprise Champions Cup Europe. However, he didn’t play with this team for long before joining Kaipi. This team mostly received mediocre results, but managed to win the World Cyber Arena Qualifiers. However, ‘33’ would move to Prodota Gaming before this event. At WCA 2016, he helped his team place 4th. Following this, ‘33’s career was very unstable. He acted as a stand-in for several teams for several months but was officially signed as part of Kaipi. However, they played no official matches together.


Once again, he joined Prodota Gaming. Their results were mediocre at best, but they managed to place 4th at Mr. Cat Invitational and 1st at the ProDotA Cup Europe #17. Most of the Prodota Gaming squad became Planet Dog and the team signed up for The International 2017 Qualifiers. Planet Dog made it to the main event and were signed by Hellraisers, but unfortunately placed last. For the next few months, Hellraisers mostly received mediocre results and failed to qualify for a number of events. However, they managed to win World Cyber Arena 2017. Due to the team’s poor results, the squad were dropped by Hellraisers and ‘33’ left the team shortly thereafter to join OpTic Gaming.

OpTic Gaming

‘33’ has very recently joined the team, and does not yet have any achievements with the team. They have mostly entered qualifiers together.

International tournaments

‘33’ has not made many international appearances, and most of his achievements are from relatively minor events. He attended The International 2017, but placed last. ‘33’ has also attended and won the World Cyber Arena two times running.