Marcus ‘Ace’ Hoelgaard is the current carry player for Team Secret.


Early Career

‘Aces’ professional Dota 2 career began in 2012, when he joined the team Gamer University. The team mainly performed in minor events such as the StarLadder ProSeries, one of which they won. The team were later signed by Team 3DMAX, but failed to achieve any strong results. ‘Ace’ later left the team to focus on his studies. About half a year later, ‘Ace’ returned to professional play through joining Team Life.

Team life had some decent results including 1st place at Netolic Pro League #3. The team were signed by Mousesports in late 2013 and went on to place 3rd at the Netolic Pro League #4. However, the team was released from Mousesports after a significant amount of roster changes. ‘Ace’ and his former teammates were once again picked up by Team Life who were later signed by Meet Your Makers. MYM were mostly unsuccessful however, and a few months after failing to qualify for The International 2014, the organisation released its players. ‘Ace’ joined some of his former teammates in forming the team Lianghao. After winning the Iron Trophy Europe event, Lianghao were signed by Flipsid3 Tactics.

Danish Bears

Flipsid3 Tactics disbanded in April of 2015, and ‘Ace’ then helped form Danish Bears a few months later. Danish Bears had little success to begin with, but they managed to win Rumble Town and place 2nd at the Solid Dota2 Challenge. After placing 2nd at The International 2016 Qualifier they were signed by The Imperial, however the 2nd place finish was not enough to grant them an invite to the main event. The Imperial were a much more successful team, although their results were quite mediocre at first. They won WESG 2016 and came 4th at DreamLeague Season 6.

The Imperial briefly returned to playing under the name Danish Bears before being signed by Cloud9. The new Cloud9 started off strong with a 2nd place finish at the World Electronic Sports Games 2016, but later failed to qualify for The Kiev Major, DAC, DreamLeague and DOTA Summit 7, to name a few. Cloud9 disbanded and four out of five of the team members once again returned to Danish Bears. The team entered The International 2017 Qualifier but placed 4th and failed to qualify. After The International 2017, ‘Ace’ was invited to Team Secret.

Team Secret

With ‘Ace’ now part of the roster, Team Secret quickly rose to the top and became one of the most dominant teams in pro scene. Team Secret won the qualifier for ESL One Hamburg 2017 Qualifier and went on to place 2nd at the main event and they also won DreamLeague Season 8. In 2018, they won Captains Draft 4.0

International tournaments

‘Ace’ has achieved 1st place finishes at DreamLeague Season 8 and Captains Draft 4.0 as well as 2nd place at ESL One Hamburg 2017 and World Electronic Sports Games. Most of these achievements were with Team Secret, with the exception of WESG, which was achieved with Cloud9.