Adrian Domestic Career


Adrian “Adrian” Ma started his career under the name 10q. He briefly joined Team Gyrations to qualify for the Challenger Series but was ultimately unsuccessful. Afterward, he went to Wazabi Gaming to participate in the 2014 NA CS Summer Split. They had a strong start—so much so that the entire lineup was acquired by XDG Gaming. Adrian and his teammates qualified for the playoffs but lost 1-2 to Team 8 in the Quarterfinals. In the off-season, Adrian joined LMQ as their new support.


When the team rebranded as Team Impulse (TIP) for the 2015 NA LCS Spring Split, Adrian stayed on the roster. With an 11-7 record, they had a decent showing in the regular season. In the playoffs,  they defeated Gravity Gaming in the Quarterfinals, but their luck ran out in their Semifinals series against TSM. A 1-3 defeat knocked them down to the third place match where they suffered a close 2-3 loss to Team Liquid. During this time, Adrian had a versatile champion pool, playing a range of tanks, mages, and enchanters.

In the 2015 Summer Split, TIP went through a lot of ups and downs. In particular, their mid laner, XiaoWeiXiao, was banned for eloboosting, and Team Impulse had to finish their season with a substitute. Surprisingly enough, they still qualified for the playoffs and even 3-0’d Team Dignitas in the Quarterfinals. But the back-to-back losses to CLG and Team Liquid dragged them back to earth. TIP still had a chance to run it back in the Regional Finals, but a reverse-sweep by Cloud9 put an end to this narrative.


In the off-season, Adrian joined Immortals. The team took over the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split, going on a massive 32-game winning streak over the first six weeks of the competition. However, Immortals didn’t live up to their name and fell to CLG in week 7.

Still, they had a 17-1 record, and they entered the Semifinals against TSM as strong favorites. But a sudden 3-0 upset spelled an end to Immortals’ dominance. They regained their composure for the third place match and scored a confident win against Team Liquid, but this was still a very underwhelming result for such a promising lineup.

Immortals entered the 2016 Summer Split with the same roster. They ended the regular season with a 16-2 record, one win behind the resurging TSM lineup. They had high hopes for the playoffs, but a 2-3 loss to Cloud9 in the Semifinals forced them into another third place match. And even though they won a 5-game series against CLG, they didn’t have enough Circuit Points to qualify for Worlds. They had another chance in the Regional Finals, but a swift 1-3 loss to Cloud9 sealed their fate.

At the time, Adrian was criticized for his limited champion pool. He often preferred enchanters like Soraka or Janna, and even champions like Nami, Karma, and Braum did little to change his overly defensive playstyle.


When Immortals decided to rebuild their roster, Adrian left the team to join Phoenix1. His champion pool didn’t change much, but he still enjoyed success in the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split. Everything came to an abrupt end when he was removed from the team for making an offensive comment about his jungler.

In the 2017 Summer Split, Adrian joined Team Dignitas to share playtime with Big. For a short while, he and his AD carry—Altec—became one of the best bot lanes in North America. Unfortunately, they fell off towards the playoffs. And while Dignitas managed to upset Cloud9 in the Quarterfinals, their following losses to TSM and CLG undermined that achievement. They had another chance to qualify for Worlds in the Regional Finals, but a staggering 0-3 loss to FlyQuest knocked them out of the competition.


When franchising was introduced to the NA LCS, Echo Fox announced that Adrian will be playing for them in the 2018 season.

Adrian International Tournaments

Over the course of his career, Adrian didn’t attend any international events.