ah fu

Tue ‘ah fu’ Soon Chuan is currently a support player for LGD.Forever Young.


Early Career

‘ah fu’s career began in 2014. He entered into the ESL One Frankfurt Qualifiers with a team called Nara Stacks but was ultimately unsuccessful. He later briefly played with Mineski, before joining WarriorsGaming.Unity


‘Ah fu’ joined WarriorsGaming.Unity in early 2016. They participated in a number of qualifiers for prestigious events such as ESL One Frankfurt, The Manila Major and The International 016. They had little success at these events; however they did manage to win the World Cyber Arena Qualifiers. Throughout the rest of the year, the team mostly competed in smaller events and qualifiers and had limited success. However, towards the end of the year, they qualified for The Boston Major and proceeded to place 5th/8th at the main event, getting knocked out by the eventual winners, OG.

In 2017, they continued to participate in qualifiers and earned a sponsorship in March. WarriorsGaming.Unity briefly became Team Bazaar for The Kiev Major Qualifiers, but after failing to qualify for the main event, they lost their sponsorship and became WarriorsGaming.Unity once again. The team entered the qualifiers for The Manila Masters and DOTA Summit 7, but they failed to qualify for either of these events, ‘ah fu’ left the team to join LGD.Forever Young.

LGD.Forever Young

‘ah fu’ joined LGD.FY in May of 2017. They quickly established themselves as one of the strongest Chinese teams in the pro scene. The team qualified for EPICENTER 2017 and Mars Dota 2 League and proceeded to place 3rd/4th and 2nd respectively. They also participated in The International 2017 Qualifiers and earned an invite to the main event. Following this, they made it all the way through to 3rd place.

For the rest of the year, the team had very little success. They failed to qualify for most events, but did manage to win Dota2 Professional League and came 3rd at Perfect World Masters. These achievements were unfortunately brought down by a 6th place finish at MDL Macau and 13th/16th at ESL One Genting. The team has gone through several roster changes since The International and as of early 2018, they are still performing very poorly.

International tournaments

‘ah fu’ has achieved a 3rd place finish at The International 2017 as well as 5th/8th place at The Boston Major. Other than these two events, he has helped LGD.FY place highly at several other prestigious international events such as EPICENTER 2017 and Perfect World Masters.