Akaadian Domestic Career


Akaadian began his LoL career as a top laner. His first notable showing happened on Zenith eSports. Zenith took part in the 2014 NA CS Summer Series #2. They won their first group stage match against GamesterGear and advanced further thanks to a forfeit from Also Known As. But their Quarterfinals series against Team8 ended in a disastrous 0-2 loss. With that, they were eliminated from the tournament.


Akaadian later attended the 2015 NA CS Spring Qualifier as a part of Roar. Unfortunately, his team fell short in its first match against Cloud9 Tempest. Akaadian came back in summer by subbing in for Maelstrom Gamin in the second round of the 2015 NA CS Summer Qualifier. But his team crumbled against CLG Black and was knocked out of the competition.

Afterward, Akaadian went to Winterfox to replace Avalon in the top lane. He joined in the middle of the 2015 NA CS Summer Split and managed to put a stop to Winterfox’s losing streak.  But he couldn’t keep the momentum going, and his team finished the regular season with a 1-9 record.


In the off-season, Akaadian switched to jungle and joined Top Dog Gaming. His team attended the 2016 NA CS Spring Qualifiers and clashed with Astral Gaming. The series came down to the wire, but in the end, Akaadian’s team lost with a 2-3 score.

However, his jungling prowess caught the eye of Team Liquid, and he was recruited to its academy lineup. Together with his new teammates, Akaadian took part in the 2016 NA CS Spring Split. Once again, he joined the lineup in the middle of the regular season, and Team Liquid Academy struggled to work as a unit. And while they made it to the playoffs, they lost 1-3 in their first match against Apex Gaming.


Akaadian joined Echo Fox in the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split. He made his presence known as one of the best junglers in the league, and he routinely challenged seasoned veterans with his aggressive playstyle. But even though he secured countless early game leads, Echo Fox couldn’t translate them into actual victories. With a 6-12 record, they finished the regular season in eighth place and couldn’t qualify for the playoffs.

Echo Fox’s performance didn’t improve much in summer. During this time, Akaadian was frequently subbed out in favor of the Challenger Series jungler—Grig—for no apparent reason. He wasn’t the only one either, and Echo Fox’s haphazard roster changes led to another eighth-place finish.


In the off-season, Echo Fox overhauled their lineup, and Akaadian went on to join OpTic Gaming.

Akaadian International Tournaments

Over the course of his career, Akaadian didn’t attend any international events.