Allorim Domestic Career


Allorim began his League of Legends career on Zenith eSports. Together with his teammates, he took on the 2015 NA CS Spring Qualifier. Unfortunately, Zenith’s run was cut short by a 2-0 semifinals loss to Storm, and Allorim left the team shortly thereafter.


Allorim didn’t have any notable showings until he subbed in for Delta Fox in the 2017 NA CS Spring Qualifiers. Delta Fox put on a clinic at the event, scoring a 3-0 victory against Toronto eSports. However, their top laner came back, so Allorim left to play for Team Gates.

His decision backfired, as Team Gates became the worst-performing lineup of the 2017 NA CS Spring Split. Their 0-0-5 (wins-ties-losses) record meant they were dead-last in the league, and they looked hopelessly outclassed every time they went on stage. Once the regular season came to an end, Allorim left the lineup.

He spent some time on Loyal Til Familien before becoming a substitute for Phoenix1. Unfortunately, Phoenix1 preferred to field their main top laner—Zig—so Allorim only played a single game in the 2017 NA LCS Summer Split.


In the off-season, Allorim signed with Echo Fox Academy. His team enjoyed moderate success in the 2018 NA Academy Spring Split, and its 11-7 record was enough to break into the playoffs. There, Echo Fox scored a 3-1 semifinals victory against Team Liquid who were considered the tournament favorites. This was the end of the line for them, though, as Echo Fox lost 3-2 to FlyQuest in the finals.

When the dust settled, OpTic Gaming brought in Allorim to share playtime with Dhokla in the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split.

Allorim International Tournaments

Over the span of his career, Allorim didn’t go to any international events.