Altec Domestic Career


Johnny “Altec” Ru started his career in the Challenger scene. His first notable games happened on vVv Gaming when the team’s won the 2012 LANcouver event. However, vVv couldn’t make much progress in the scene, and Altec quickly left the team.


In the beginning of 2013, Altec joined Curse Academy. Again, he played for them for several months before being replaced by fabbbyyy. By the end of the year, Altec joined Team SoloMid as a substitute player. And while he didn’t get any playtime, the added exposure allowed him to move to the Walking Zed lineup. The entire roster was later acquired by Cloud9.


They took part in the 2014 NA CS under the name of Cloud9 Tempest, going all the way to the Promotion Tournament. But their run came to an abrupt end when they suffered a 1-3 loss to Evil Geniuses (EG). Luckily, Altec’s performance was impressive enough that EG recruited him to replace their AD carry, yellowpete, for the 2014 NA LCS Summer Split.

But this wasn’t exactly a breakthrough moment. Evil Geniuses struggled to stand up to the competition, and their 11-17 record forced them to play in another Promotion Tournament. There, they scored a quick 3-0 victory against Team Coast to remain in the NA LCS.


For the 2015 Spring Split, Evil Geniuses rebranded as Winterfox. But a new name didn’t bring them any luck. Once again, they had a shaky regular season, and their 7-11 record knocked them down to a third consecutive Promotion Tournament. They faced the up-and-coming Team Dragon Knights lineup and lost to them with a 1-3 score, effectively getting relegated to the Challenger Series.

During this time, Altec made a name for himself as the next big North American AD carry. His showings weren’t dominant, but he consistently performed on a high and pulled his own weight in teamfights. This reputation allowed him to sign with Gravity for the 2015 Summer Split.

And for the first time in his career, something clicked. Gravity had a strong showing over the regular season, producing a 12-6 record and qualifying for the playoffs. They entered the Quarterfinals against TSM with high hopes, but a 1-3 defeat knocked them down to the Regional Finals. There, a sudden reverse-sweep by Cloud9 put an end to their ambitions.


In the 2016 Spring Split, Altec went to NRG Esports. His team had a strong start over the first few weeks but struggled to keep the momentum going. They finished the season with a 50% win rate and fell 0-3 to Team Liquid in the first playoffs round.

At this point, many fans started doubting Altec. Even though he did his job, he rarely—if ever—took risks or put himself in any danger in 5v5s. This caused him to try to rebuild his reputation in the 2016 NA CS Summer Split as a part of the Cloud9 Challenger lineup. C9C had a dominant showing, dismantling Altec’s former team—NRG Esports—in the Promotion Tournament and qualifying for the NA LCS.


In the off-season, the entire lineup was acquired by FlyQuest. Their first games showed a lot of promise, but as the 2017 Spring Split progressed, teams learned to exploit their weak laning phase. FlyQuest ended the season in fifth place, and while they scored a 3-2 upset against CLG in the Quarterfinals, they were crushed by TSM in the Semifinals. The third place match didn’t bring them any solace as FlyQuest lost a close 5-game series to Phoenix1.

In the 2017 Summer Split, Altec joined Team Dignitas to share playtime with LOD. For a short while, he became a part of one of the best bot lanes in North America, but just like before, he fell off towards the playoffs. And while Dignitas managed to upset Cloud9 in the Quarterfinals, their following losses to TSM and CLG undermined that achievement. Of course, they had a chance to qualify for Worlds in the Regional Finals. But a sudden 0-3 loss to FlyQuest knocked them out of the competition.


When franchising was introduced to the NA LCS, Echo Fox announced that Altec will be playing for them in the 2018 season.

Altec International Tournaments

Over the course of his career, Altec didn’t attend any international events.