Andy “AnDa” Hoang is a Canadian jungler in League of Legends. He’s currently playing for FlyQuest in the NA LCS.

AnDa Career

AnDa began his LoL career on Denial eSports. The team participated in the 2014 NA CS Summer Split. They reached the playoffs but lost in the first round to Team LoLPro. Afterward, AnDa joined affiNity in an effort to qualify for the 2015 NA CS Spring Split. Unfortunately, the team fell short in its first match against Team Confound.

AnDa went to another NA CS Qualifier with Aware Gaming but—once again—he was unsuccessful. He finally got his breakthrough with Astral Authority. Together with his new teammates, AnDa scored a 3-2 victory over Top Dog Gaming and made it into the 2016 NA CS Spring Split. When the competition started, his team changed its name to Dream Team. But a new name didn’t bring them any luck, and Dream Team finished the regular season in fifth place, automatically dropping out of the competition.

Still, they managed to requalify in summer by 3-0’ing Arsenal. And while they did make enough progress to enter the NA CS playoffs, they fell in the first round to Cloud9 Challenger.

After such a disappointing showing, AnDa joined Immortals as a jungle substitute. But even though he accompanied the team to all of its bootcamps, he didn’t get any playtime. When Immortals weren’t accepted into the 2018 NA LCS season, AnDa’s contract was acquired by Team Liquid and resold to FlyQuest.

AnDa International Tournaments

Over the course of his career, AnDa didn’t attend any international tournaments.