Apollo Domestic Career


Apollo “Apollo” Price began his LoL career under the name WizFujiiN. The first competitive organization he joined was Team Summon. However, he didn’t have any notable showings until he joined Team Coast at the end of 2013. Together with his new teammates, he took part in the Promotion Tournament and protected Coast from getting relegated by scoring a 3-2 victory over The Walking Zed.

In the 2014 Spring Split, Coast had a very shaky showing. Still, their 10-18 record was enough to qualify for the playoffs, but back-to-back losses to CLG and Dignitas forced them to attend another Promotion Tournament. There, Coast clashed with compLexity.Black, losing to them with a 1-3 score. With that, they were relegated from the NA LCS.

Apollo stayed on the team in an effort to requalify for the league. But even though Team Coast had a good showing at the 2014 NA CS Summer Series #1, Apollo left to join GamesterGear. He didn’t get to start in any notable games, though, which caused him to move to Team LoL Pro. With his help, LoL Pro qualified for the 2015 Spring Expansion Tournament. They had a promising start with a 2-0 victory over Team Fission, but a loss to Apollo’s former organization—Team Coast—knocked them out of the competition.


In the off-season, he joined Team Impulse (TIP) and changed his nickname from WizFujiiN to Apollo. TIP had a respectable showing in the 2015 Spring Split. With an 11-7 record over the regular season, they qualified for the playoffs in fourth place. But while they managed to win 3-1 over Gravity Gaming, the subsequent loss to TSM knocked them down to the third place match. There, they lost to Team Liquid in a close 5-game series.

In the 2015 Summer Split, TIP went through a lot of ups and downs. Their mid laner, XiaoWeiXiao, was banned for eloboosting, and Team Impulse had to finish their season with a substitute. Surprisingly enough, they still qualified for the playoffs and even 3-0’d Team Dignitas in the Quarterfinals. Unfortunately, their losses to CLG and Team Liquid put a stop to this momentum. TIP still had a chance to run it back in the Regional Finals, but a reverse-sweep by Cloud9 sealed their fate.


Afterward, Apollo joined Team Dignitas. However, Dignitas fell apart in the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split. Their abysmal 4-14 record knocked them down to the Promotion Tournament where Dignitas were eliminated by Team Dragon Knights.

In summer, Apollo went to Apex Gaming. His team had a promising start, but it gradually fell off towards the end of the split. With an 8-10 record, Apex finished in seventh place and barely didn’t make the cut for the playoffs.


After such a disappointing showing, Apollo left Apex Gaming to play for Team EnVyUs. But he wasn’t about to get a break there. EnVy’s 2017 Spring Split was rough around the edges, and the team finished the regular season in ninth place. This forced them to take part in the Promotion Tournament. Their 1-3 loss to Gold Coin United put them on the brink of elimination, but EnVy bounced back with victories against eUnited and Gold Coin United.

In spite of such an underwhelming result, Apollo was one of the more stable parts of the team. His combination of solid mechanics and vast game knowledge made him into a dominant laner, and EnVy received praise for having a very capable bot lane.

The entire team performed much better in summer. With an 8-10 record, EnVy finished the regular season in sixth place and qualified for the playoffs. But the holes in their macro game were far too glaring, and they lost their Quarterfinals series against CLG with a 2-3 score.


After EnVy weren’t granted the NA LCS franchising slot, Apollo joined Clutch Gaming.

Apollo International Tournaments

Apollo attended his first international tournament—IEM Season 10 Cologne—as a part of Team Dignitas. They lost their first series against Qiao Gu Reapers with a 1-2 score and were knocked out of the competition.