Artour ‘Arteezy’ Babaev is a Canadian mid/carry player famous for achieving incredibly high solo ranked MMR. Most of his career he has played with either Team Secret or Evil Geniuses, and over the years he has alternated between the two. ‘Arteezy’ is also very famous for his stream and due to the fact that he has been and remains a highly skilled player over the years despite his young age.


Early Career

In 2013, ‘Arteezy’ joined his first serious Dota 2 team, Kaipi. At this point, ‘Arteezy’ was only 16 years old and had gained fame through practicing 1v1 match-ups with high level players including ‘s4’ and ‘BulBa’. Due to his young age, his education took precedence over his Dota 2 career. This meant that despite the team’s relative success at The Defense Season 4, ‘Arteezy’ had to take a break from Dota to focus on his studies. Later in 2013, ‘Arteezy’ stood in for Kaipi, who were now known as Speed Gaming for MLG Columbus. At this event, ‘Arteezy’ stood out against several superstar mid laners and helped his team achieve a 1st place finish.


At the beginning of 2014, ‘Arteezy’ created the team SADBOYS along with ‘Fear’, ‘UNiVeRsE’, ‘ppd’ and ‘zai’. The team were immediately successful and managed to win the Electronic Sports Prime Shock Therapy Cup. Following this success, SADBOYS were signed by Evil Geniuses.

Evil Geniuses

Now under the name of Evil Geniuses, the team continued their success by winning the Monster Energy Invitational. EG would continue to establish themselves as one of the strongest teams in the world, winning a number of high-profile events such as The Summit 1 and HyperX D2L Western Challenge.

Leading up to The International 2014, EG were among favorites to take home the Aegis of Champions, and while they did put on an incredible performance, they were eventually knocked out by Vici Gaming and placed 3rd. While attending The International 2014, ‘Arteezy’ took part of the solo 1v1 tournament and placed 3rd/4th. The team continued to dominate several tournaments in the remainder of 2014 and would end up winning DreamLeague Season 2, StarLadder StarSeries Season 10 and the World E-sport Championships 2014. Unfortunately, towards the end of the year, EG’s results worsened, as they placed 4th at The Summit 2 and Dota Pit League Season 2. This culminated in a 5th place finish at XMG Captain’s Draft 2.0, and following these results, ‘Arteezy’ announced that he would swap teams from EG to Team Secret.

Team Secret

Following a series of disappointing results with EG, ‘Arteezy’ joined ‘Puppey’s team, Team Secret, fulfilling the carry role. The team’s success came almost instantly. The squad’s debut tournament was the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2015. Here, Team Secret placed 3rd, getting knocked out by none other than Evil Geniuses. In the months that followed, Team Secret began to dominate more and more teams, and would end up winning 3 consecutive premier events, including The Summit 3, MarsTV Dota 2 League and ESL One Frankfurt. Heading into The International 2015, Team Secret seemed very strong, despite their most latest 5th/6th place finish at Dota Pit League Season 3. Unfortunately, Team Secret placed 7th/8th and following this result, ‘Arteezy’ would leave the team to once again join Evil Geniuses as a carry.

Evil Geniuses

‘Arteezy’s second time around with Evil Geniuses was somewhat rocky. The team had managed to achieve high results including 3rd place finishes at The Frankfurt Major and The Shanghai Major, as well as a 1st place finish at The Summit 4. However, the team would also place 13th/16th at World Cyber Arena as well as 5th/8th at ESL One New York. After a second place finish at Dota Pit League Season 4 where EG lost 3-0, ‘Arteezy’ had once again announced that he would be leaving the team to join Team Secret.

Team Secret

In March, ‘Arteezy’ joined Team Secret once again, this time playing in the mid role. The team struggled at first, placing 5th/6th at ESL One Manila, 7th/8th at EPICENTER 2016 and joint last place at The Manila Major. After another disappointing result at The International 2016 where Team Secret placed last, ‘Arteezy’ would yet again leave Team Secret to yet again join Evil Geniuses.

Evil Geniuses

‘Arteezy’ joined Evil Geniuses once again, and this time he played in the carry role. EG’s new roster which included ‘Arteezy’ debuted at the Mars Dota 2 League, which the team won. In the following months, EG placed 3rd/4th at The Boston Major 2016 and at The Kiev Major 2017. The team generally performed well, always placing in the top half of the events they entered, but unfortunately, EG placed 9th/12th at The International 2017. Since then, EG has placed highly at a number of events, including a 3rd place finish at DreamLeague Season 8 and a 3rd/4th place finish at ESL One Genting.

International Tournaments

‘Arteezy’ has helped Evil Geniuses place 3rd at both The Shanghai Major and The Frankfurt Major. At The International 2015, Team Secret placed 7th/8th and at The International 2014, Evil Geniuses placed 3rd. In addition to these achievements, ‘Arteezy’ has helped his respective teams win a number of premier events with large prize pools. ‘Arteezy’ was also the 2nd player to achieve 9000 solo MMR in 2016, and 3rd to achieve 10000 solo MMR in 2017.