Biofrost Domestic Career


Vincent “Biofrost” Wang started his career on Team Frostbite. Together with his teammates, he tried to qualify for the 2015 NA CS Spring Split but fell short in the first round to Team Dragon Knights. His next team—Elomingle—made it to the Semifinals of the AlphaDraft Challenger League before dropping out of the tournament.

He finally entered the 2015 NA Summer Split by joining Vortex. But Biofrost only played a total of two games (both ending in losses) before his team was knocked out of the competition. Afterward, he briefly played for the Also Known As lineup. AKA took part in the HTC Ascension tournament, going all the way to the Semifinals before losing 1-2 to Team Liquid Academy.


For the 2016 NA CS Spring Split, Biofrost joined Dream Team to fill the void left by the departure of their support, Hakuho. Still, the fact that he joined in the middle of the competition meant he could only play three matches. And that wasn’t enough to push Dream Team into the playoffs.

When TSM parted ways with YellOwStaR, Biofrost got his big breakthrough. He joined Team SoloMid for its Korean bootcamp. By the end of it, he secured the starting position for the 2016 NA LCS Summer Split. Biofrost’s playmaking meshed well with Doublelift’s lane dominance, and the duo became one of the best bot lanes in North America. TSM ended the regular season in first place and breezed through the playoffs with confident victories against CLG and Cloud9.


In 2017, Doublelift took a temporary break from progaming, and Biofrost was paired with WildTurtle. This duo wasn’t as powerful, but TSM still dominated the competition. In the Semifinals, they dismantled FlyQuest with a 3-0 score. And while they had a hard time against Cloud9 in the finals, TSM came out on top and added another NA LCS victory to their trophy case.

Doublelift came back for the second half of the season. And even though it took some time for him and Biofrost to readjust to each other, they gradually took over the bottom lane. TSM had another strong showing in its home region, going all the way to the finals and defeating Immortals to seize the trophy.


In the off-season, Biofrost was removed from TSM to make room for Zven in Mithy. Later, CLG announced they’d be adding him to their roster.

Biofrost International Tournaments


On TSM, Biofrost attended his first international tournament, the 2016 World Championship. As a rookie with only a single NA LCS split under his belt, he didn’t have a great run at the event. TSM finished the group stage with a 50% win rate and failed to advance further because of their head-to-head record with RNG.

Biofrost also went to the IEM Season 11 Oakland tournament. TSM were seeded directly into the Semifinals where they lost 1-2 to Unicorns of Love.


After winning the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split, TSM qualified for the Mid-Season Invitational. They had a shaky run in the Play-In stage where they barely won against the up-and-coming GIGABYTE Marines lineup. During the Main Event, TSM struggled in the group stage, and their 4-6 record spelled an end to their run.

TSM—and Biofrost—showed up at the 2017 Rift Rivals (NA vs EU) event. There, they took over the group stage with a 5-1 record and crushed Unicorns of Love in the finals.

Biofrost did much better at the 2017 World Championship. This time, though, his teammates started underperforming, and TSM—once again—failed to make it out of the group stage.