Ye ‘BoBoKa’ Zhibiao currently plays as support for Invictus Gaming.


Early Career

‘BoBoKa’s career began in 2015 when he joined TongFu.WanZhou, which was the secondary squad for TongFu. He only played with them for about a month before he left the team to join Team DK. ‘BoBoKa’ played with Team DK for roughly 3 months in total. During this time he moved from the main squad to the secondary squad known as DK Scuderia. He left DK Scuderia after failing to qualify for several prestigious events including StarLadder i-League, The Frankfurt Major, ESL One New York and Nanyang Dota 2 Championships. Following this streak of poor results, ‘BoBoKa’ joined IG.Vitality.

IG Vitality

Invictus Gaming’s secondary team was far more successful than the previous two teams ‘BoBoKa’ had played on. They came 4th at Dota 2 Radiant & Dire Cup 2015 and got very far through The Shanghai Major Qualifiers. Early in 2016, the secondary team which ‘BoBoKa’ played for became Invictus Gaming’s main squad.

Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming struggled throughout 2016 to qualify for most premier events including The Boston Major, The International 2016 and The Summit 5. However, they managed to achieve some significant tournament results. Most notably, the team won National Electronic Arena and came 4th at Dota2 Professional League Season 2.

2017 was a much better year for Invictus Gaming. They managed to achieve several significant results including 1st at Dota 2 Asia Championships, 3rd/4rd at The Kiev Major and 5th/6th at The International 2017. Despite these strong results, the team failed to qualify for several other events, and had very little success in the second half of the year, after The International. This trend unfortunately continued into 2018 as they failed to qualify for The Bucharest Major, StarLadder i-League and ESL One Katowice.

International tournaments

‘BoBoKa’ has spent most of his professional career playing for Invictus Gaming. His most significant achievements at international tournaments include 3rd/4th at The Kiev Major 2017, 5th/6th at The International 2017 and 1st at Dota 2 Asia Championships, also in 2017.