Cabochard Domestic Career


Cabochard began his LoL career on Escape the Ninja Pandas. His team took part in Paris Games Week 2013 and qualified for the playoffs with a 2-1 groups record. In the Quarterfinals, they suffered a crushing defeat against Copenhagen Wolves, but they managed to bounce back with a win over Paussins Gaming. Still, the following loss to OverGaming put an end to their run. Cabochard briefly played on Heavy Botlane, but the lack of notable showings caused him to leave for COREPLAY.


During his time, COREPLAY attended the International Invitational Tournament 3. They went all the way to the Semifinals before losing 1-2 to the eventual champions in Cloud9 Eclipse. COREPLAY’s roster disbanded after the tournament, and Cabochard had short stints on CSI Gaming and Heavy Botlane.

He was then picked up by Ninjas in Pyjamas to play in the 2014 EU CS Summer #2. His team had a solid showing, defeating the likes of UOL and Gamers2 to qualify for the finals. There, they suffered a narrow loss at the hand of SK Gaming Prime. Luckily, this showing was enough to enter the playoffs. But inexplicably, NiP crumbled with back-to-back losses against SK Gaming Prime and Unicorns of Love.


Cabochard finally had his breakthrough on Gambit Gaming. Together with his team, he played in the 2015 EU LCS Spring Split. Gambit had a rough start but managed to pick up the slack to finish the regular season in fourth place. The playoffs told a different narrative, though, and Gambit were eliminated in their first series against Unicorns of Love.

During this time, Cabochard proved himself as a dominant top laner. He showed up on aggressive champions and put great effort into carrying his team to victory. But individual performances couldn’t make up for Gambit’s shortcomings. In summer, the organization struggled to keep up with the competition, and its 7-11 record knocked it down to the Promotion Tournament. Fortunately, Gambit bounced back with a 3-0 victory over Mousesports.


In the off-season, Cabochard joined Team Vitality. They had a solid run in the 2016 EU LCS Spring Split, producing a 13-5 record and qualifying for the playoffs in third place. But they faltered in the Quarterfinals against Fnatic and were knocked out of the tournament. Vitality ran out of steam in summer. Their 3-9-6 record (wins-ties-losses) led to a seventh-place finish, which wasn’t enough to qualify for the playoffs.


Things didn’t change much in the 2017 Spring Split. Once again, Vitality found themselves at the bottom of the EU LCS table, and their 3-10 record meant they couldn’t advance further. The summer wasn’t kind to them either. And while Vitality slightly improved their record, they failed to break into the playoffs.

Cabochard International Tournaments


Cabochard attended his first international tournament—IEM Season 9 Cologne—as a part of Gambit Gaming. Gambit showed up at the event, defeating Team Dignitas and CLG to claim the trophy. With that, they earned an invitation to the IEM Season 9 World Championship. There, they had to make a quick exit after losing to CJ Entus and Team WE.