Quinn ‘CCNC’ Callahan is the current mid player for the team OpTic Gaming. His nickname is often used interchangeably with ‘CC&C’


Early Career

‘CCNC’ began playing Dota 2 at the end of 2012. In early 2016, he joined the team FDL The team had limited success but managed to place 7th/8th at The Summit 5 and 3rd at the Dota 2 Canada Cup. He then played on the team is GG and notably played alongside ‘Sneyking’. This team became signed by Team Freedom before competing at The International 2017 Qualifiers, where the team placed 3rd, getting knocked out by Digital Chaos. Following this, ‘CCNC’ left Team Freedom to form The Dire.

OpTic Gaming

The Dire qualified for The Summit 8 and placed highly at several other qualifiers which led to the squad getting picked up by OpTic Gaming. Under the banner of OpTic Gaming, the team has had relatively limited success, having participated in very few tournaments which weren’t qualifiers for roughly 4 months. The two events they did enter were the DOTA Summit 8 and ROG MASTERS 2017, where they placed 6th/7th and 2nd respectively.

International tournaments

‘CCNC’ has very few appearances at prestigious events and the most money he has won from a tournament was at ROG MASTERS 2017, where his team won just below $60,000. However, he has also attended The Summit 5 where he placed 7th/8th and DOTA Summit 8, where he placed 6th/7th.