Leong ‘ddc’ Fa Ming currently plays the support role for team VGJ.Thunder. ‘ddc’ has attended the main event of every one of The Internationals.


Early Career

‘ddc’ participated in The International 2011 with iG.Zhou, where his team placed 5th/6th. Following this event, he joined LGD.cn and played with them until after The International 2014. This was also his first serious Dota 2 team, as he had previously played the original DotA. At The International 2012, his team placed 3rd against Invictus Gaming. Between 2012 and 2013, LGD achieved a number of great results at both Chinese and international events. LGD were regarded as one of the strongest teams in the world and certainly one of the strongest Chinese teams for several years. Unfortunately, the team placed 9th/12th at The International 2013 and following this, the team’s performance steadily declined over the next year. After qualifying for The International 2014, the team disappointingly placed 5th/6th.


After poor results at The International 2013 and 2014, ‘ddc’ left LGD Gaming to join LV Gaming. This team mostly participated in Chinese events but failed to achieve many great results. However, after managing to win National Electronic Sports Tournament 2014 and Dota 2 League, ‘ddc’ along with some of his team members were signed by the newly reformed EHOME line-up at the beginning of 2015. EHOME’s debut event was at Dota 2 Asia Championships, where they placed 9th/12th after making it through the Asian Qualifier. The team failed to achieve strong results for the rest of 2015 however and failed to qualify for several top tier events. Despite this, EHOME made it through The International Qualifiers and placed 5th/6th at the main event.

LGD Gaming

Following replicating his 5th/6th place finish at The International 2015 as he had done the year before, with LGD Gaming, ‘ddc’ returned to his former team. However, he did not stay with the organisation for long. After a series of poor results most notably including 7th/8th at The Frankfurt Major and 9th/12th at The Shanghai Major, ‘ddc’ left the team in March of 2016.

Vici Gaming

‘ddc’ next joined the reformed Vici Gaming Potential team, Vici Gaming Reborn. This team mostly participated in qualifiers and smaller events but did manage to achieve some international success. Most notably, the team placed 7th/8th at The Manila Major and StarLadder i-League Invitational. However, when the team placed joint last at The International 2016 after making it through the Chinese Qualifiers, the organisation made several changes. This led to the Vici Gaming Reborn squad being made into the main Vici Gaming team. The team’s results failed to improve for the rest of the year however, and after a series of very poor results at the beginning of 2017, ‘ddc’ left the organisation to join LGD.Forever Young

LGD.Forever Young

‘ddc’ had acted as a stand-in for LFY a few months earlier at The Boston Major, where he helped the team placed 5th/8th. He was able to do so as his own team, Vici Gaming, had failed to qualify for this event. Over their first few months, LFY managed to qualify for EPICENTER, Mars Dota 2 League and The International 2017. At these events, the team placed 3rd/4th, 2nd and 3rd respectively. This string of great results at international events propelled the team’s status forward and they gained recognition as being one of the strongest Chinese teams.

For the rest of 2017, the team failed to qualify for any top tier events, however. At the end of the year they did manage to qualify for ESL One Genting, but they disappointingly placed joint last there. Following this, ‘ddc’ went inactive on the LFY roster and although he remained officially a part of LFY, he was loaned to VGJ.Thunder.


‘ddc’ helped VGJ.Thunder achieve 2nd place at The Bucharest Major, however the team failed to maintain this level of performance. A month later, they disappointingly only placed 9th/12th at Dota 2 Asia Championships.

International Tournaments

‘ddc’ has achieved a number of highly impressive international results. He has attended every one of The Internationals and placed 3rd twice and 5th/6th another two times. He has also helped his respective teams place 2nd at The Bucharest Major and the World Cyber Arena two years running.