Adrain ‘Fata’ Trinks is the current offlane player for Team Secret. ‘Fata’ has played for several high-level teams and has established himself as a highly skilled mi player.



‘Fata’s career began around mid 2012 when he played with the team We Haz Asian. By the end of 2012, ‘Fata’ had joined Mousesports. This team mostly struggled to get good results, although they stayed together for almost 2 years. They attended several prestigious events such as DreamHack and The Internationals, but the best result they would achieve in terms of prize money won was at RaidCall EMS One, where they won $12,000. After finishing last at The International 2013, ‘Fata’ left Mousesports for the team DD.Dota. While at The International 2013 however, ‘Fata’ participated in the solo 1 v 1 tournament and placed 5th/8th.


Just after a month of ‘Fata’ joining the team, DD.Dota became Sigma.Int. Sigma were more successful than ‘Fata’s previous team, although their performances were somewhat inconsistent. Mousesports came 3rd at StarLadder StarSeries Season 8, and 3rd/4th at MLG Championship Columbus. After roughly 6 months, ‘Fata’ and his long-time teammate ‘paS’ left Sigma to join Team Dog.


Team Dog achieved several great results, including 1st place finishes at 3 GIGABYTE Challenge events. Then, in May, the team were picked up by Mousesports. The new Mousesports team won the European qualifiers for The International 2014, although they disappointingly placed 11th/12th. Following this, the team disbanded and ‘Fata’ would next join Cloud9.


‘Fata’ joined Cloud9 as their mid laner and played alongside several famous players. Cloud9 placed in the top 3 at several events through the 2014-2015 period, but only managed to place 1st at the NVIDIA Game 24 event outside of any qualifiers. The team were invited to The International 2015, but unfortunately placed 9th/12th.

Team Liquid

After The International 2015, the roster for the team 5Jungz was revealed and ‘Fata’ was confirmed as the mid laner for them. On this team, he played with ‘KuroKy’, ‘JerAx’ and several other famous players. 5Jungz won the qualifier for the Nanyang Dota 2Championships and were picked up by Team Liquid. The squad were a highly successful team and won or placed highly at a number of events. They placed 2nd at The Shanghai Major and The Manila Major. Despite this, they occasionally performed quite poorly, such as when they failed to qualify for The Frankfurt Major. At The International 2016, Team Liquid placed 7th/8th and following this, ‘Fata’ left the team and formed B)ears a few months later.

Team NP

B)ears failed to qualify for both The Kiev Major and the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017. This led to the team disbanding and ‘Fata’ being picked up by Team NP. The squad placed 3rd at the Manila Masters and 2nd at ZOTAC Cup Masters. Following this, Team NP won the North American Qualifier for The International 2017 which got them signed by Cloud9. Once again however, ‘Fata’s team finished in joint last place.

Team Secret

‘Fata’ joined Team Secret after The International 2017. However, he would not join as their mid laner, instead taking on the role as offlaner. Team Secret have come 2nd at ESL One Hamburg and 1st at both DreamLegue Season 8 and Captains Draft 4.0.

International tournaments

‘Fata’ has been a highly successful mid player over the years and has helped his various teams achieve a number of great results. With Team Secret, he has won DreamLeague Season 8 and helped Team Liquid place 7th/8th at the International 2016, which is consequently his highest placing at any of The International events. He has also helped Team Liquid place 2nd at The Manila Major and The Shanghai Major.