Febiven Career


Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten began his LoL career on Cloud9 Eclipse. His first tournament was the SCAN EUW Winter Invitational. There, Eclipse took over the entire event with back-to-back victories against Reason Gaming, MYM, and Gamers2 to seize the trophy.

They had another dominant showing at the 2014 EU CS Spring #1 where they bested Pulse Esports, MYM, and NiP to advance to the next stage. But Eclipse couldn’t keep the momentum going in the 2014 EU CS Spring #2, and they fell short in the series against Departed.

Even so, Cloud9 Eclipse bounced back from the loss. With great showings at numerous tournaments, they became the up-and-coming lineup to look out for. They entered the 2014 EU CS Spring Playoffs with high hopes. And while they managed to finish first, their Promotion Tournament series against SUPA HOT CREW ended with a disappointing 0-3 loss.

Afterward, Eclipse took part in the LoL Pro League Season 1. Once again, they put on a clinic and 3-0’d RoX in the finals to secure a first-place finish. But this turned out to be their last tournament since Cloud9 decided to disband their European roster.

Febiven found a new home on H2K Gaming. Together with his teammates, he made a run through the 2014 EU CS Summer #1, defeating SK Prime, Reason Gaming, and NiP to take the trophy. H2K proceeded to make a splash at tournaments like Dailymotion Challenger Cup and FACEIT Challenger Invitational 3. However, their 2014 EU CS Summer #2 run ended with a loss to SK Prime and an underwhelming fourth-place finish.

Still, this was enough to qualify for the 2014 EU CS Playoffs. They towered above the competition, defeating Unicorns of Love and SK Prime to take first place. But while they qualified for the Promotion Tournament, they suffered a crushing defeat at the hand of Copenhagen Wolves.

Afterward, H2K showed up on the radar by winning the Challenger FaceOff 3 and the 2014 Black Monster Cup Europe – Winter. Even so, their grand ambition remained the same. They wanted to qualify for the EU LCS. With that goal in mind, they attended the 2015 Spring Expansion Tournament. Their first games showed a lot of promise, and H2K lived up to the expectations by crushing n!faculty and Giants Gaming to make it into the  EU LCS.


In the off-season, Febiven left the team to join Fnatic. Despite the fact that Fnatic fielded a brand new roster, they had a very strong start in the 2015 Spring Split. With a 13-5 record, they finished second in the regular season and secured a bye to the Semifinals. In the playoffs, Fnatic bested H2K and UOL to take win the trophy and qualify for the 2015 MSI.

During this time, Febiven showed up as a talented assassin player. His mechanics were on point, and he was always willing to do what it takes to break open the map. Still, he often played second fiddle to his top laner, Huni.

After bringing in Rekkles as their AD carry in summer, Fnatic had a much more dominant showing. They went on an unprecedented 18-0 run in the regular season, and their first losses came in the finals against Origen. Still, Fnatic took the series with a 3-2 score and qualified for the 2015 World Championship.


In the off-season, Fnatic parted ways with Huni and Reignover. The entire lineup struggled to adjust to the changes, and Fnatic finished the 2016 EU LCS Spring Split with a mediocre 9-9 record. In the playoffs, Fnatic bounced back with a 3-1 victory over Team Vitality. And while they lost their Semifinals series against G2 Esports, they clinched the bronze medal with a 3-2 win over H2K in the third place match.

Fnatic stayed together in summer. But having more experience had no effect on their standing. They had a shaky regular season, and their playoffs run ended with a 0-3 loss to H2K. Of course, they could come back through the Regional Finals, but a crushing defeat against Unicorns of Love put an end to these ambitions.

At the time, Febiven struggled to reinvent his playstyle. His trademark assassins were no longer in the meta, and he had to get accustomed to playing control mages. And while he eventually succeeded in this undertaking, Fnatic decided to release him in the off-season.


This caused Febiven to rejoin his old team, H2K. He proved himself as a top-tier mid laner and propelled H2K to the top of the EU LCS standings. But the 2017 EU LCS Spring Playoffs ended with a disastrous 0-3 loss to Fnatic in the Quarterfinals.

A similar story unfolded in summer. H2K had a solid showing in over the regular season, but a devastating 0-3 defeat against G2 Esports knocked them down to the third place match. There, they lost in a hard-fought series against Fnatic. Naturally, H2K could still come back through the Regional Qualifiers. But while their back-to-back victories against Splyce and Unicorns of Love showed a lot of promise, they couldn’t overcome Fnatic in the finals.


After such a disappointing showing, Febiven left H2K to join Clutch Gaming in the NA LCS.

Febiven International Tournaments


On Cloud9 Eclipse, Febiven attended the International Invitational Tournament 3. Eclipse had a strong showing, defeating Dark Passage 3-0 in the finals.


On Fnatic, Febiven took part in the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational. His team went through its fair share of hardships in the group stage, barely qualifying for the playoffs with a 2-3 record. In the Quarterfinals, Fnatic clashed with SKT T1 and challenged the Korean powerhouse in a close 5-game series. But ultimately, they were unable to step up to the challenge.

At the 2015 World Championship, Fnatic proved themselves as one of the best Western teams. They topped their group with a 4-2 record and advanced to the playoffs. In the Quarterfinals, they crushed EDG with a 3-0 score, but a devastating Semifinals loss against KOO Tigers put an end to their run.

Fnatic also attended the IEM Season 10 Cologne event. Their team had several roster changes, though, and the lack of synergy led to a 1-2 loss in the Semifinals against Qiao Gu Reapers.


They later received an invitation to the IEM Season 10 World Championship. Despite losing to Qiao Gu Reapers in the first round of the group stage, Fnatic ran it back through the loser’s bracket. The playoffs had them take down RNG before falling prey to SKT T1 in the finals.


On H2K, Febiven went to the IEM Season 11 World Championship. His team advanced to the knockout stage with two series wins against Hong Kong Esports. But H2K’s run came to an end when they faltered against Flash Wolves in the Semifinals.