fly Dota 2 Player

Tal ‘Fly’ Aizik is the current support player for team OG. ‘Fly’ played Heroes of Newerth before moving to Dota 2 along with his teammates Era and N0tail. He has fulfilled the role of captain across a number of teams over the years, and he has played in the off lane position as well.


Early Career

‘Fly’ transitioned into Dota 2 in 2012 by joining Fnatic with his old Heroes of Newerth squad. Among these players was ‘N0tail’, who ‘Fly’ would come to spend most of his Dota 2 career playing with. ‘Fly’ had captained the HoN squad, and upon moving to Dota he would continue to do so.


For the time that ‘Fly’ played with Fnatic, from 2012 to 2014, the group made no roster changes. During this long period of time, Fnatic had a mix performance overall. During 2012 and 2013, the team almost consistently placed top 4 at every premier event they attended, with the exception being The International 2013 and MLG Columbus. The following year, the group’s results began to dip shortly before The International 2014, and they ended up placing 13th/14th at the main event. Following their very disappointing result, ‘Fly’ would leave Fnatic, along with ‘N0tail’, and form Team Secret with ‘Puppey’.

Team Secret

‘Fly’ was part of the original Team Secret squad and played off lane, which was a change from his usual support role. He also no longer captained, as this role was taken by ‘Puppey’. Despite these changes to ‘Fly’s more familiar playstyle, Team Secret managed to get some great results, including a 2nd place finish at the SLTV Star Series Season 10, and 3rd place finishes at both The Summit 2 and ESL One New York. However, at the end of 2014, ‘Fly’ would leave Team Secret and join the team MeePwn’d.


‘Fly’s brief time with MeePwn’d was rather unsuccessful, as they failed to place anything higher than 5th place at any event or qualifier they participated in, except for the monthly Eizo Cup #14, where they placed 3rd. After being together for only 3 months, the team disbanded

CompLexity Gaming

Following his unsuccessful run with MeePwn’d, ‘Fly’ turned to CompLexity Gaming. Unfortunately, he would not find much more success there either. The team struggled to get any decent results other than a 3rd place finish at BTS Americas #1. Despite this, the team managed to qualify for The International 2015. There, the team would finish 9th/12th. After this, ‘Fly’ would leave this team and once again join ‘N0tail’ to form (monkey) Business.

(monkey) Business

Having spent the past few months in the North American scene, ‘Fly’ would return to Europe and form a team with his ex-teammate and good friend ‘N0tail’. ‘Fly’ would once again assume the role as captain and returned to the support position. (monkey) Business were very successful in little time, as they won the qualifier for The Frankfurt Major and came 3rd at the MLG World Finals. Having demonstrated their capabilities, the team would re-brand as OG.


OG were highly successful. They managed to win the Frankfurt Major 2015 which they had qualified for a month earlier and immediately after this, the team won the DreamLeague Season 4. The team continued to place highly at events, although unfortunately for them, OG placed 7th/8th at the next Valve sponsored major, The Shanghai Major 2016. This was also followed by a 5th/8th place finish at the Dota Pit League Season 4,  but the team picked up the pace again and began to see some great results leading up to The International 2016. The team would win DreamLeague, ESL One Frankfurt and even The Manila Major. Although OG seemed very strong going into The International 2016, they finished 9th/12th.

Following OG’s early exit from The International 2016, OG reformed their roster, keeping only ‘Fly’ and ‘N0tail’. The team didn’t take long to adjust to their changes and by the new year, the team had managed to win The Boston Major 2016, which was followed by yet another victory at The Kiev Major 2017. At The International 2017, OG placed 7th/8th, which was an improvement from the previous year. Since then, the team has won MDL Macau and consistently placed highly at every event they have played at.

International Tournaments

‘Fly’, along with ‘N0tail’, are the only players to have won 4 out of 5 Valve Sponsored Majors. All of these victories were achieved while they played with OG. Unfortunately, ‘Fly’ has never had much luck at any of The International events, as the highest he has placed at any of them is 7th/8th at The International 2017. OG won MDL Macau at the end of 2017 as well.