Victor ‘GeneRaL’ Nigrini is the current off lane player for Natus Vincere.


Early Career

‘GeneRaL’s Dota 2 career began in early 2015. He acted as a stand-in for several teams at various minor events. In June he was picked up by the team Duza Gaming. With this team he managed to place 1st at the FirstGameTV Dota 2 Cup event against the Finnish team 4ASC. Most of this squad then moved over to the team SQreen’s Squad. While playing with this team he placed 2nd at two MSI Dragon Battles. Following this ‘GeneRaL’ played on several teams for very short periods of time. Then, in early 2016, he was offered a spot on Na’Vi.

Natus Vincere

‘GeneRaL’s beginning with Na’Vi was rocky, but the team managed to qualify for a few events including Dota Pit League Season 4 and StarLadder i-League. Na’Vi achieved quite good results overall. They qualified for and attended The Manila Major 7th/8th, 1st at the StarLadder i-League and 2nd at several other events. The team had earned an invite for The International 2016, although unfortunately they placed joint last.

For the remainder of 2016 and for the first half of 2017, Na’Vi achieved mostly mediocre results and failed to qualify for a number of events including The International 2017 and The Kiev Major. In September the team made some roster changes and their performance began to drastically increase. They started to win a number of qualifiers and their results started to improve towards the end of the year with a 4th place finish at DreamLeague Season 8, a 3rd/4th place finish at MDL Macau and 1st place at Adrenaline Cyber League. At the beginning of 2018, ‘GeneRaL’ helped his team secure a 7th/8th place finish at ESL One Genting.

International tournaments

‘GeneRaL’ hasn’t achieved a victory at any Valve events and has a relatively short career. He only has 1st place finishes at Adrenaline Cyber League and StarLadder i-League Season 2. However, he attended The International 2016 and placed last and placed 7th/8th at The Manila Major.