Maroun ‘GH’ Merhej is the current support player for Team Liquid. ‘GH’ is from Lebanon and has gained fame through achieving incredibly high solo MMR, at one point having the most in Europe.


Early Career

‘GH’ played with the team Wired Gaming when they won the MSI BEAT IT 2014 Qualifiers. Following this, the group were picked up by E-LAB. E-LAB became known for being  the first Middle Eastern Dota 2 squad.

Team Liquid

At DreamLeague Season 6, ‘GH’ was a stand-in for ‘BuLba’ and played with Team Liquid for the first time. With ‘GH’s help, Team Liquid secured 1st place at the event. Team Liquid had otherwise been somewhat suffering from poor performance, and the  impact ‘GH’ had on the squad was clear. A little over a month had passed since the event, when Team Liquid offered ‘GH’ a spot on the team. He accepted and came to replace BuLba.

With ‘GH’ on the squad Team Liquid quickly became one of the most dominant teams on the scene. After a shaky result at the Kiev Major 2017, the group managed to place first at a number of events. With victories at the StarLader i-League, EPICENTER 2017 and DreamLeague, Team Liquid were strong favorites to win The International 2017. ‘GH’ put on a brilliant performance at The International 2017 and gained fame for his Earthshaker and Earth Spirit plays among others.

International Tournaments

‘GH’ played a pivotal part in helping Team Liquid to reach their success through most of 2017 and later at The International. Team Liquid had suffered from poor results before ‘GH’ joined, and his impact is unmistakable in most games. ‘GH’ is currently known as one of the strongest support players in the pro-scene.