Hjärnan Domestic Career


Petter “Hjärnan” Freyschuss began his LoL career in 2013 under the name Infinity. Back then, he played for Team Property and attended DreamHack Winter 2013. But Property failed to make it out of the group stage, and Hjärnan left the team to join Cloud9 Eclipse (C9E).


Together with his new teammates, Hjärnan attended the Scan EUW Winter Invitational. C9E breezed through the competition, defeating Reason Gaming, MYM, and Gamers2 to claim the trophy. Afterward, they decided to try their luck at the 2014 EU CS Spring #1. C9E showed up at the tournament and secured a first-place finish. But their play stagnated for the 2014 EU CS Spring #2, and the entire lineup was knocked out with a Quarterfinals loss to Departed.

Even so, Cloud9 Eclipse managed to bounce back from the loss. With great showings at numerous events, they quickly became the lineup to look out for. They entered the 2014 EU CS Spring Playoffs with high hopes. And while they managed to finish first, their Promotion Tournament series against SUPA HOT CREW ended with a disappointing 0-3 loss.

Afterward, Eclipse took part in the LoL Pro League Season 1. They put on a clinic and took the trophy with a 3-0 over RoX in the finals. But this turned out to be their last tournament since Cloud9 decided to disband their European roster.

Hjärnan found a new home on H2K. As a part of this lineup, he attended the 2014 EU CS Summer #1. H2K took over the competition, taking down SK Prime, Reason Gaming, and NiP to clinch the W. Then, they participated in the Dailymotion Challenger Cup. H2K won their first series against GG Call Nash only to lose the following match against SK Prime.

With this loss, H2K were knocked down to loser’s bracket where they forfeited their match against Unicorns of Love. The team also took part in the FACEIT Challenger Invitational 3. But a 1-2 record led to H2K falling short in the group stage.

Their time to shine came at the 2014 EU CS Summer #2.  H2K kicked off the tournament with a confident victory against GG Call Nash, but history repeated itself when they clashed with SK Prime in the Semifinals. After losing a close 3-game series, H2K found themselves in the third place match against Gamers2. They forfeited that game and walked away with a fourth-place finish.

Even so, H2K returned in full force for the 2014 EU CS Summer Playoffs. With victories against UOL and SK Prime, they qualified for the Promotion Tournament where they suffered a crushing defeat at the hand of Copenhagen Wolves.

After such a disappointing showing, H2K struck back by taking first at Challenger FaceOff 3 and the 2014 Black Monster Cup Europe Winter. They got another chance to prove their worth at the 2015 Spring Expansion tournament. H2K took over the competition, defeating N!faculty and Giants Gaming without dripping a single game. With that, they finally qualified for the EU LCS.


The 2015 Spring Split went well for H2K. After securing a 12-6 record, they finished the regular season in third place and readied themselves for the playoffs. They started their run with a 3-0 victory over Copenhagen Wolves, but the following 2-3 loss to Fnatic knocked them down to the third place match. Even so, H2K regained their composure and defeated SK Gaming to take the bronze medal.

They had another great showing in summer. With an 11-7 regular season record, H2K seamlessly qualified for the playoffs and dismantled Giants Gaming in the Quarterfinals. But once again, they fell short in the Semifinals and lost 1-3 to Origen. Regardless, they bounced back with a win over Unicorns of Love and punched their first Worlds ticket.


In the off-season, Hjärnan joined Team Vitality. They had a solid run in the 2016 EU LCS Spring Split, producing a 13-5 record and qualifying for the playoffs in third place. But they faltered afterward, losing the Quarterfinals series against Fnatic with a 1-3 score. Hjärnan spent the rest of the season as a substitute for Team Vitality.


For the 2017 Spring Split, he went to Team ROCCAT. But a new team didn’t turn his bad luck around, and ROCCAT struggled in the regular season. With a middling 6-7 record, they finished fourth in their group and failed to qualify for the playoffs. Hjärnan decided to stay on the team for one more split. But ROCCAT couldn’t make any progress in summer, and their 5-8 record wasn’t enough to make it into the playoffs.


In the off-season, Hjärnan joined G2 Esports.

Hjärnan International Tournaments


On H2K, Hjärnan went to his first international tournament, the 2015 World Championship. Unfortunately, his team was seeded into the same group with SKT T1 and EDG. In a predictable fashion, H2K struggled to stand up to such fierce competition and failed to qualify for the knockout stage.