Ian Domestic Career


An “Ian” Jun-hyeong started his LoL career on MVP. His team dominated the 2016 CK Spring Split with a staggering 10-4-0 record (wins-ties-losses) over the regular season. With that, MVP were seeded directly into the playoffs finals. However, ESC Ever snatched the title from them after coming out on top in a close 5-game series. Even so, this showing was enough for MVP to advance to the 2016 LCK Summer Promotion. There, they faced Kongdoo Monster and dismantled them 3-1 to qualify for the 2016 LCK Summer Split.

MVP entered their first split as the clear-cut underdogs, but surprisingly enough, they had a decent showing. And while they couldn’t break into the playoffs, their 7-11 record allowed them to automatically qualify for the next split. They tried to make their breakthrough at the 2016 LoL KeSPA Cup. Their 2-0 win over Afreeca Freecs showed a lot of promise, but they were eliminated in the following series against SKT T1.


MVP had a much better showing in the 2017 LCK Spring Split. With a 10-8 record over the regular season, they advanced to the wildcard series and scored another confident victory against Afreeca. But this was the end of the line for them, and MVP suffered a crushing defeat in the Quarterfinals against KT Rolster. During this time, Ian cemented his status of a stable mid laner. He rarely—if ever—went for spectacular outplays, but his game sense and mechanics were strong enough to keep up with mid laner veterans.

MVP wanted to take advantage of their momentum in the 2017 LCK Summer Split. But despite their best efforts, they struggled to keep up with the rising level of competition, and their 6-12 record was barely enough to avoid relegation. In the off-season, MVP played in the 2017 LoL KeSPA Cup. They made it into the playoffs with back-to-back victories over Gangwon and BBQ Olivers, but their first series had them clash with Samsung Galaxy. MVP faltered in face of the 2017 world champions and suffered a 0-2 defeat.

Ian International Tournaments


On MVP, Ian went to his first international tournament, the 2017 Rift Rivals (LCK-LPL-LMS). His team took down Machi e-Sports in the group stage, but the finals had them losing a close game against RNG.