Impact Domestic Career


Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong began his career as a support player for Xenics Storm. His team took part in 2012 Azubu The Champions Spring, going all the way to the Semifinals before losing 2-3 to MIG Frost. Still, they managed to bounce back with a 2-1 win over Team OP to secure a bronze medal. This result earned them a spot in the Ro16 of 2012 Azubu The Champions Summer. Xenics advanced to the Quarterfinals where fell 0-2 to Azubu Blaze.


In the beginning of 2013, Impact joined SKT T1 2 as a top laner. The team made its presence known at the 2013 OLYMPUS Champions Spring tournament. There, they topped their group and took out Najin White Shield in the Quarterfinals. And while SKT lost to MVP Ozone next round, they came back with a 3-0 victory against CJ Frost in the third place match.

Shortly thereafter, their sister team—SKT T1 1—was released, and Impact’s lineup became the sole representative of its organization. They breezed through the 2013 HOT6iX Champions Summer tournament, clashing with KT Rolster Bullets in the finals. When they dropped the first two games, it seemed that their fate was sealed, but SKT managed to regain their composure and pull off a reverse-sweep.

With this win, SKT were seeded directly into the last round of the Season 3 Korea Regional Finals. Once again, they met KT Rolster Bullets. But this time, their 3-1 victory was even more convincing, and SKT punched their ticket to the 2013 World Championship.


In the off-season, Impact’s team was renamed to SKT T1 K. They started their year with a bang by winning 2013-2014 PANDORA.TV Champions Winter without dropping a single game. Unfortunately, SKT K couldn’t keep this momentum going. At 2014 HOT6iX Champions Spring, they barely made it out of the group stage before falling 1-3 to Samsung Ozone.

The same narrative unfolded at 2014 HOT6iX Champions Summer, and SKT K were knocked out of the tournament after a 1-3 loss to Samsung White in the Quarterfinals. Still, they had enough Circuit Points to get a shot at qualifying for Worlds. But the deciding tiebreaker turned out to be a rematch with Samsung White, and SKT suffered another crushing defeat. They moved down to the Regional Finals where they lost 1-3 to Najin White Shield, effectively missing out on the 2014 World Championship.


At the end of 2014, OGN discontinued the use of sister teams, and SKT K and SKT S decided to merge. This caused Impact to leave the team and look for greener pastures. Two weeks later, Team Impulse (TIP) announced that he will be their new top laner in the NA LCS. TIP had a strong showing in spring, going 11-7 in the regular season and qualifying for the playoffs. There, they took down Gravity Gaming before suffering back-to-back losses to Team SoloMid and Team Liquid. Still, a fourth-place finish wasn’t a bad result for a new lineup.

In the 2015 Summer Split, TIP went through a lot of ups and downs. Their mid laner, XiaoWeiXiao, was banned for eloboosting, and Team Impulse had to finish their season with a substitute. Surprisingly enough, they still qualified for the playoffs and even 3-0’d Team Dignitas in the Quarterfinals. Unfortunately, their losses to CLG and Team Liquid put a stop to this momentum. TIP still had a chance to run it back in the Regional Finals, but a reverse-sweep by Cloud9 sealed their fate.


In the off-season, Impact left Team Impulse to join NRG eSports. NRG started the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split strong, but eventually fell down to a fifth-place finish. And even though they’ve qualified for the playoffs, they were eliminated by Cloud9 (C9) in the first round of the competition. After the split ended, C9 recognized his talent and signed him as their starting top laner.

In the 2016 Summer Split, Cloud9 had a decent showing in the regular season, finishing third with a 12-6 record. However, they peaked in the playoffs with back-to-back victories against Team EnVyUs and Immortals. Still, they lost 1-3 to TSM in the finals, which meant Cloud9 had to play through the Gauntlet to qualify for the World Championship. There, they dismantled the same opponents in Team EnVyUs and Immortals, securing their Worlds ticket.


The 2017 NA LCS Spring Split also went well for Cloud9. In the round robin, they produced a 14-4 record to finish in second place and get a bye to the Semifinals. They proceeded to 3-0 Phoenix1 and clash with TSM in the finals. But once again, Team SoloMid was a step ahead of them, and C9 lost the series with a 2-3 score.

Cloud9 faced a fair share of hardships in summer. Still, they managed to end their regular season in fourth place to qualify for the playoffs. Unfortunately, Team Dignitas knocked them out in the first round, which forced them to take part in the Gauntlet. Because of their Circuit Points, Cloud9 were seeded directly into the finals where they scored a 3-1 win over CLG to qualify for Worlds.

Over the course of his career, Impact proved himself as a versatile top laner capable of playing tanks and carries alike. And even though he employed a very defensive playstyle on Cloud9, he consistently showed up as one of their best players.


When franchising came to the league, Impact announced that he will be joining Team Liquid.

Impact International Tournaments


On SKT, Impact visited the 2013 World Championship, which was also his first international tournament. His team took over the group stage with a 7-1 record. They started the playoffs by dismantling Gamania Bears, but their Semifinals match against Najin Black Sword came down to the wire, and SKT had to go the whole distance before they could take down their opponent. With Royal Club being their final foe, SKT scored a confident 3-0 victory and seized the trophy.


On SKT T1 K, Impact attended the 2014 All-Stars Paris tournament. SKT took over the competition and won the entire thing without dropping any games.


On Cloud9, Impact went to the 2016 World Championship. His team produced a 3-3 record in groups, becoming the only North American team to enter the knockout stage. Unfortunately, their Quarterfinals opponent—Samsung Galaxy—proved too hard for them to handle, and C9 lost with a 0-3 score.


Impact also took part in the 2017 World Championship. As a third seed, Cloud 9 had to go through the Play-In stage. Still, they were a cut above wildcard teams, so C9 qualified for the Main Event without any issues. There, they finished the group stage in second place, once again becoming the only NA LCS team to reach the Quarterfinals. Unfortunately, their Worlds run was cut short after a loss in a 5-game series against Team WE.