Anucha ‘Jabz’ Jirawong is the current support and captain for Mineski. He played in the mid role for the team Signature.Trust.


Early Career 

‘Jabz’s professional Dota 2 career began in 2014 when he played for the team Everlast-GameFilling. This team had no success unfortunately, and in early 2015 ‘Jabz’ joined the former MiTH.Trust team as they became signed by Signature.Trust. ‘Jabz’ had acted as a stand-in for MiTH.Trust a few years prior at the Asian Cyber Games and helped them to finish 3rd place along with $6,000.


Signature.Trust entered a very high number of minor events and qualifiers, although for the almost 2 year period that ‘Jabz’ played with them, the team had very little success. The team managed to win a few thousand dollars from various tournaments but these were few and far between and they never managed to win over $4,000. In September of 2016, ‘Jabz’ left the team to join Team Faceless.

Team Faceless

After a rocky start with a 5th/8th place finish at the ROG MASTERS Qualifier, Team Faceless became noticed on the scene after consecutively winning the qualifiers for The Summit 6, The Boston Major and Dota Pit League Season 5. At these events they placed 7th/8th, 9th/16th and 3rd respectively, and Team Faceless quickly became noticed as a strong team within the Southeast Asian scene. After winning the qualifier for The Kiev Major, the team placed 5th/8th at the main event which was a big improvement from the last Major they attended. The team participated in The International 2017 Qualifier, but placed 6th. Following this the team disbanded, but ‘Jabz’ along with his teammate ‘iceiceice’ joined Mineski.


Mineski quickly became one of the top teams in the Southeast Asia scene. They qualified for a number of events and even won the PGL Open Bucharest and placed 2nd at StarLadder i-League Invitational. In 2018, their performance dipped however, as they placed 9th/12th at both ESL One Genting and ESL One Katowice.

International tournaments

‘Jabz’ has participated in two of Valve’s sponsored events, The Kiev Major 2017 and The Boston Major, where his team, Team Faceless placed 5th/8th and 9th/16th respectively. With Mineski, ‘Jabz’ has achieved a 1st place finish at PGL Open Bucharest and 2nd at StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 3.