jerax Dota 2 Player

Jesse ‘JerAx’ Vainikka is the current support player for OG. The Finnish support is famous for his Earth Spirit plays and is widely regarded as one of the strongest Earth Spirit players in the pro scene. His Dota career began through Heroes of Newerth and he transitioned to Dota 2 in 2013.


Early Career

‘JerAx’ played Heroes of Newerth with famous players such as ‘Era’ and ‘SingSing’. His transition to Dota 2 was marked by joining the team Rat in the dark. He had not played with them for long before ‘SingSing’ offered to try him out for a place on QPAD Red Pandas. This led to a full time position for ‘JerAx’ as a support. QPAD had limited success, but managed to win the SK Trophy. Other than this, the team struggled to place anything above 5th place. At the end of the year, ‘JerAx’ left the team. Following this, ‘JerAx’ left the pro scene for almost a year.

4 Anchors + Sea Captain

‘JerAx’ helped form, and captained, the Finnish team 4ASC. This team were quite successful and managed to win the monthly EIZO Cup and came 2nd at the JoinDOTA Masters XIV. However, after a 6th place finish, ‘JerAx’ left 4ASC to join Team Tinker.

Team Tinker

After briefly reuniting with ‘SingSing’, ‘JerAx’ moved on from Team Tinker. He had been with them for 2 months, but after a series of disappointing results including 5th/8th place at JoinDOTA Masters XVI. He departed from Team Tinker in March of 2015 and joined MVP HOT6ix.


While playing with the Southeast Asian team, ‘JerAx’ helped his team to win the Mineski Pro-Gaming League and qualified for The International 2015. Unfortunately, the team placed joint last and ‘JerAx’ departed from the group.


The next team ‘JerAx’ played on was 5Jungz, captained and formed by ‘KuroKy’. 5Jungz performed quite well, as they managed to win the Alienware Summer’s Cup and the Nanyang Dota 2 Championships qualifier, but were also knocked out early at some other qualifiers. A short time later, it was revealed that 5Jungz would be signed by Team Liquid.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid were a highly successful team while ‘JerAx’ played with them. They placed 4th at the Nanyang Championships and following this, the team managed to win a number of events including Dota 2 Champions League, The Defense and EPICENTER 2016. ‘JerAx’ also helped his team to place second at both the Shanghai Major and the Manila Major 2016 and also at ESL One Manila. Leading up to The International 2016, Team Liquid were looking very strong, although after a disappointing 7th/8th place finish, he left the organization and would move to OG.


While playing for OG, ‘JerAx’ has made a number of impressive achievements, including 1st place finishes at the Boston Major 2016, the Kiev Major 2017, MDL Macau as well as several other great results. OG had a rocky period leading up to and following The International 2017, where OG placed 7th/8th, repeating ‘JerAx’s result from the previous year.

International Tournaments

‘JerAx’ has been in the grand finals of 4 Majors and won 2 of them. He has also managed to place 7th/8th at The International twice and 2 years running, from 2016 to 2017. ‘JerAx’ has also helped his respective teams win EPICENTER 2016 and MDL Macau. He is widely known for his strong roaming support plays and is renowned as a highly skilled Earth Spirit player.