KaSing Domestic Career


Raymond “KaSing” Tsang began his LoL career on H2K Gaming under the name Yerrow. However, he didn’t have any notable showings until he joined Dexter is Actually Evil. Together with his teammates, KaSing took part in the 2013 Summer Promotion Qualifier. Dexter is Actually Evil had a promising start with a 2-0 victory over Team Ephix, but the following loss to Team Mistral eliminated them from the tournament.

Afterward, KaSing went to play his home country as a part of British Tea Time. The entire lineup was later acquired by Team Dignitas UK, and KaSing stayed on the team until the beginning of 2014.


He had brief stints on organizations like Steve Bakes Cookies and RoughNeX, but he finally made his presence known on SUPA HOT CREW (SHC). SHC showed up in the 2014 EU LCS Summer Split, securing a 16-12 record and a third-place finish over the regular season. They entered the playoffs with high hopes, but a staggering loss to Team ROCCAT knocked them down to the 5th/6th place match. There, they bounced back with a 3-0 victory over Millenium.

In the off-season, KaSing left the team to play for Gamers2 in the 2015 EU LCS Expansion Tournament. His team kicked off the tournament with back-to-back victories against Reason Gaming and Strix, but unfortunately, it fell short in the series against N!faculty.


Still, KaSing stayed in the lineup and attended the 2015 EU CS Qualifiers. But a quick 1-2 loss to Team Nevo eliminated Gamers2 from the competition. KaSing then rejoined his first team, H2K Gaming. He played in the 2015 EU LCS Spring Split and finished the regular season in third place. In the playoffs, H2K 3-0’d Copenhagen Wolves before falling in a close 5-game series against Fnatic. Even so, they managed to bounce back by defeating SK Gaming 3-2 in the third place match.

A similar narrative emerged in summer. Once again, H2K performed did well in the regular season and had a strong start to their playoffs run. However, a 1-3 Semifinals loss against Origen knocked them down to the third place match. There, H2K came back with a confident victory over Unicorns of Love. In the off-season, KaSing left H2K to try out for TSM. His stay was brief, though, and he only played a single tournament with the North American lineup.


And so, KaSing came back to Europe to play for Team Vitality. They had a solid run in the 2016 EU LCS Spring Split, producing a 13-5 record and qualifying for the playoffs in third place. But they faltered in the Quarterfinals against Fnatic and were knocked out of the tournament.

Vitality ran out of steam in summer. Their 3-9-6 record (wins-ties-losses) led to a seventh-place finish, which wasn’t enough to qualify for the playoffs. After such a disappointing showing, KaSing left the organization and took a break from competitive League of Legends.


He returned in 2017 as a starting support for the Red Bulls lineup. Together with his teammates, KaSing breezed through the 2017 EU CS Qualifiers. But while they had a decent showing in the Challenger Series, the playoffs had them suffer a crushing defeat against Schalke 04.


When Red Bulls disbanded their roster, KaSing went to Splyce.

KaSing International Tournaments


On H2K, KaSing went to his first international tournament, the 2015 World Championship. H2K were seeded into the same group with SKT T1 and EDG, and ultimately, both of these lineups proved a cut above them. With a 2-4 record in the group stage, they were eliminated from the tournament.

On TSM, KaSing attended IEM Season 10 San Jose. Team SoloMid scored a 2-0 victory over LGD in the Quarterfinals. But the Semifinals loss against Origen put an end to their run.