Damien ‘kpii’ Chok is the current offlane player for Newbee. He has previously played under the name of ‘kphoenii’ and ‘kPhoenix’


Early Career

‘kpii’s career began in late 2014 when he joined the team Can’t Say Wips. This team participated in the Defense of the Australians Spring 2014, where they placed 2nd and shortly after this, he was offered a spot on MVP Phoenix. This team participated in a number of qualifiers but failed to make it to any major events except for JoinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 1, where they placed 4th. Despite their relatively poor results, they managed to qualify for The International 2015. There, the team put on a strong performance and managed to place 7th/8th.


Following The International 2015, ‘kpii’ left MVP Phoenix and joined EHOME.K, EHOME’s secondary team. His new team was very unsuccessful and they failed to qualify for any major event, struggling even to place highly within the qualifiers themselves. The team later re-branded as EHOME.Keen, although their results failed to improve. Shortly after failing The Shanghai Major Qualifiers, the squad mostly disbanded and ‘kpii’ joined Newbee.


After a shaky start in early 2016, Newbee quickly became very successful. They qualified for EPICENTER 2016 and The Manila Major, where they placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. They went on to win Nanyang Dota 2 Championships Season 2 before attended The International 2016 which they had earned a direct invite to. Newbee disappointingly only placed 9th/12th at the main event, however. For the remainder of 2016, the team mostly achieved great results in China but struggled at International events. They placed 9th/16th at The Boston Major and failed to even qualify for The Summit 6.

This trend continued through to early 2017, as they managed to win Dota2 Professional League but once again placed joint last at the next Valve Major, The Kiev Major. Despite their earlier struggles, the team’s performance drastically increased leading up to The International 2017, where they managed to make it to grand finals. Unfortunately, they fell short against Team Liquid and finished the event in 2nd place. Following The International, their results were somewhat inconsistent. They participated in ESL One Hamburg and DreamLeague Season 8 where they finished 3rd/4th and 5th/6th respectively, but they failed to qualify for DOTA Summit 8 and Captain’s Draft 4.0.

In early 2018, Newbee established themselves as one of the strongest teams in the world after winning ESL One Genting, beating Team Liquid and placing 3rd/4th at The Bucharest Major.

International tournaments

Most of ‘kpii’s achievements have been made through Newbee. However, he managed to attend The International 2015 with MVP Phoenix. There he helped his team secure a 7th/8th place finish. Some of his other achievements include 2nd at The International 2017, 3rd at The Manila Major and victories at several prestigious events. He most notably won Dota2 Professional League Season 2 – Top, Perfect World Masters and ESL One Genting.