Kuro ‘KuroKy’ Salehi Takhasomi is one of the most recognizable players in the entire pro-Dota 2 scene. He currently plays as support for Team Liquid and is from Germany.


Early Career

‘KuroKy’ began his Dota 2 career as many others had – through the original DotA. He had played on a number of teams, but in 2008 he joined Mousesports. While attending DreamHack Winter 2008, ‘Puppey’ would stand in for one of his teammates, and so the two met and became friends. Through ‘Puppey’, Kuro was invited to join the team Ks.int.

He transitioned to Dota 2 in 2011 and attended The International 2011, playing for GosuGamers.net. Here, Kuro had no success however, as his team was knocked out almost immediately. Following The International, Kuro fluctuated between a few teams until he eventually settled with Virtus.Pro. Virtus.Pro failed to qualify for The International 2012, although when one of Mousesports player’s had issues with their visa, Kuro was invited to stand-in. Unfortunately, Kuro’s team were once again knocked out of The International on the first round. However, he was offered a place on Mousesports as a temporary player.

Natus Vincere

In early 2013, ‘Puppey’ invited Kuro to join Natus Vincere as a support player. While he played for Na’Vi, Kuro achieved some great results, and Na’Vi became one of the most dominant teams on the scene. At The International 2013, Na’vi placed 2nd against Alliance in a best-of-3 which has gone down in history as one of the most exciting series ever played. Following this, Na’Vi continued to be a very dominant team and achieved great results through to 2014, until around April. After a few months of worse results, Na’Vi placed 7th/8th at The International, and Kuro departed from the team.

Team Secret

A few days later, it was revealed that Kuro and Puppey were to form Team Secret together, along with super-star players from Fnatic and Alliance. Initially, Kuro was placed in the carry role, but as the team struggled to take home 1st place at any events, roster changes led to Kuro once again taking up the mantle of support. The team’s results quickly turned for the better, as the team became one of the strongest teams at the time. Unfortunately, despite Team Secret’s successes leading up to The International 2015, the Aegis of Champions once again elude Kuro, as his team placed 7th/8th. Kuro left Team Secret due to the disappointing results of TI and internal disagreements between players.

Team Liquid

Following  Team Secret, Kuro formed his own team, 5Jungz, which he himself would captain. It wasn’t long before 5Jungz was picked up by Team Liquid, as they were quick to demonstrate their potential. Team Liquid instantly achieved great results, but struggled to be on the very top, as they placed 2nd at both the Shanghai Major and at the Manila Major. While at the Manila Major, Kuro and one other player were tied for most heroes played, which demonstrated Kuro’s versatility and skill at the game. However, the team won The Defense Season 5 and EPICENTER 2016 and due to their successes, earned a direct invite to The International 2016. Team Liquid placed 7th/8th, however, and roster changes to Team Liquid ensued.

By January 2017, Team Liquid had solidified its roster and the squad saw incredible amounts of success. They had won the StarLader i-League twice, EPICENTER 2017 and DreamLeague Season 7. When at last The International 2017 came around, Team Liquid put on an incredible performance and managed to come 1st in a 3:0 series against Newbee.

International Tournaments

Kuro has attended every one of The Internationals, and although he had come close in 2013, it wasn’t until 4 years later that he would manage to claim the Aegis of Champions. He is also the player who has won most prize money from Dota 2 tournaments and is generally regarded as one of the strongest pro players and captains there are. In addition to placing 1st at The International 2017, he has also placed 2nd at both the Manila Major and the Shanghai Major. His current team which he captains, Team Liquid, is currently one of the strongest teams in the world.