Kwon Domestic Career


Kwon began his  League of Legends career on GamesterGear. However, he didn’t have any notable showings until he joined Team Dragon Knights in the 2015 NA CS Spring Qualifier. There, he scored back-to-back 2-0 victories against Team Frostbite and Storm to advance to the 2015 NA CS Spring Split. But right before the competitive season started, Kwon left the team to play for Final Five. His stay there was brief, as he decided to join Team Coast.

Unfortunately, Kwon became a part of Team Coast at the very end of the 2015 NA LCS Summer Split. The organization was already struggling in the regular season, and Kwon’s presence did little to change this. With that, Team Coast produced an abysmal 1-17 record, which amounted to a last-place finish and automatic relegation to the Challenger league.

Coast became the top dogs of the 2015 NA CS Summer Split. Their LCS experience put them a cut above of most Challenger lineups, and they seamlessly secured an 8-2 record in the regular season. They kicked off their playoffs run with a 2-0 win over Cloud9 Tempest, but the finals had them losing 3-2 to Renegades. Even so, this showing was enough to qualify for the promotion tournament. There, Coast capitalized on their momentum by 3-0’ing Enemy and qualifying for the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split.


In the off-season, Team Coast sold their LCS slot to NRG eSports. Kwon became the only remaining player from the original roster, as the organization was determined to build a competitive lineup. They started the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split with a bang, but they ended it with a whimper. And while their 9-9 record was enough to qualify for the playoffs, NRG were eliminated after a swift 3-0 loss to Team Liquid in the quarterfinals.

Afterward, Kwon left NRG to play for Apex Pride in the 2016 NA CS Summer Split. The team struggled to gain any ground in the regular season, and its 1-3-1 (wins-ties-losses) record put it in fifth place, which was right below the top-4 playoffs threshold. When the dust settled, Kwon left Apex Pride and announced his retirement from professional League of Legends.

However, he didn’t stay retired for long. At the end of year, he returned as a part of Big Gods Jackals. Together with his new teammates, Kwon took on the 2017 NA CS Spring Qualifiers. Jackals scored a confident 3-0 victory over Team Secret, effectively qualifying for the 2017 NA CS Spring Split. In spite of this success, Kwon once again stepped away from the spotlight. He moved down to the substitute position, and Big Gods Jackals played in the NA CS without him.


In 2017, Kwon became a substitute of Team Liquid. His level of play was impressive enough that he earned a promotion to the Academy lineup and—eventually—the main roster. But Team Liquid preferred to field its other support, Matt, so Kwon only played in a handful of matches in the 2017 NA LCS Summer Split.


At the beginning of the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split, Kwon signed with TSM as their translator. He became a vital part of their practice regiment, as he was the main link between the players and the new Korean head coach Ssong. At the end of the split, Kwon parted ways with the organization, citing he wasn’t satisfied with his current role.

In the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split, he returned to pro play as a support for FlyQuest.

Kwon International Tournaments

Over the span of his career, Kwon didn’t attend any international tournaments.