Licorice Domestic Career


Eric “Licorice” Ritchie started his LoL career in the NA CS. His first two teams—Storm and Frank Fang Gaming—were created solely to qualify for the Challenger Series, but both attempts were unsuccessful.

Afterward, Licorice joined the Cloud9 Challenger lineup for the 2016 NA CS Spring Split. He didn’t get any playtime, though, since he was just a substitute for the team’s starting top laner, Balls. And despite the fact that his team ended up qualifying for the NA LCS, Licorice went on to look for greener pastures on another Challenger lineup, eUnited.


He finally played his first professional games in the 2017 NA CS Spring Split, displaying strong performances on a wide range of top lane champions. eUnited had a strong showing in the Challenger Series. Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep up the momentum in the Promotion Tournament, and Licorice struggled to keep up with the NA LCS top laners. A similar narrative unfolded in summer. And even though Licorice performed better in the top lane, eUnited once again failed to qualify for the NA LCS. Still, his play caught the eye of the NA LCS organizations.


In the preseason, Cloud9 recruited him to fill the shoes of their previous starter, Impact.

Licorice International Tournaments

Licorice has yet to attend any international tournaments.