Ilya ‘Lil’ Ilyuk is the current support player for Natus Vincere.


Virtus.Pro Polar

‘Lil’ was invited to the team NVMI in late 2014 by ‘Goblak’ and ‘DkPhobos’ after having left an impression in pubs with them. Joining NVMI was ‘Illidan’ and ‘Scandal’, and within a month the team had won the Game Show League Season 1 and were signed by Virtus.Pro Polar. This team achieved some decent results including a 1st place finish at the Battle of Central Europe and 2nd at the Dota Pit League. After a 2nd place finish at StarLadder StarSeries at the beginning of 2015, the team changed their name to ASUS Polar.


In April of 2015, Virtus Pro make changes to their rosters and make their ASUS Polar squad their main Dota 2 group. The squad continue to have quite a lot of success, winning events including DreamLeague Season 3 and Esportal Dota 2 League. The group looked very strong heading into The International 2015 and managed to place 5th/6th. After the International the team placed 2nd at the World Cyber Arena. However, the next 4 premier events VP attended, they had placed 5th/6th at, including The Frankfurt Major 2015. These results continued into 2016 and shortly after placing 9th/12th at The Shanghai Major, ‘Lil’ along with 2 of his teammates were kicked from VP and they formed their own team.


Polarity was a team which struggled since its inception. After failing to qualify for almost every event they entered, the team disbanded 3 months after its creation.


In August of 2016, Virtus Pro reformed their Dota 2 squad and invited 5 new players, including their former player, ‘Lil’. The squad seemed promising having won several qualifiers in the months following their formation. By the end of the year the team had won The Summit 6 and came 5th/8th at The Boston Major 2016. In 2017, VP came 2nd at The Kiev Major 2017 and once again won the DOTA Summit 7. At The International 2017, VP placed 5th/6th, getting knocked out by Team Liquid who would go on to win the event. In the 2nd half of 2017, VP won at ESL One Hamburg and DOTA Summit 8. VP also placed 5th/6th at DreamLeague Season 8.

Natus Vincere

In the beginning of 2018, VP achieved another 5th/6th place finish at ESL One Genting. Shortly after this he was invited to join Natus Vincere and he took on the role of team captain.

International tournaments

Most of ‘Lil’s major achievement were with Virtus.Pro. He has helped them achieve 5th/6th place finishes at The International 2015 and 2017. ‘Lil’ has also achieved a 2nd place finish at The Kiev Major 2017 and has won the past 3 Dota Summits events.