LirA Domestic Career


Nam “LirA” Tae-yoo began his career as a substitute for Chunnam Techno University. He ended up not starting in any games, which caused him to leave for KT Rolster Arrows (KTA). Unfortunately, KTA were unsuccessful in qualifying for the OGN, and LirA parted ways with another team.


Afterward, he joined CJ Entus Frost. However, he only played 2 games for them in 2014 LoL Masters, and both ended in losses. A month later, LirA left to join OMG 2 in China. But the entire lineup fell apart without playing any competitive games.


He finally had his time to shine on Rebels Anarchy. They made a run through the 2015 SBENU Champions Summer Promotion to qualify for the eponymous tournament. Anarchy had a shaky showing in SBENU Champions Summer 2015, and their 5-13 record was barely enough to avoid relegation.

In the off-season, they took part in the 2015 Lol KeSPA Cup. They took down Najin e-mFire in the Ro12, but their run came to a swift end after the Quarterfinals loss to ESC Ever. Afterward, Rebels Anarchy changed their name to Afreeca Freecs.


Afreeca had a rough start in the 2016 LCS Spring Split. But in the middle of the regular season, they bounced back with an upset against SKT T1. They carried that momentum to secure a 10-8 record and a spot in the playoffs. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the start of another Cinderella story, and Afreeca Freecs fell apart in their first series against Jin Air.

In the 2016 Summer Split, LirA shared playtime with another jungler, SeongHwan. Afreeca’s 8-10 record was barely enough to earn a fifth-place finish and advance to the playoffs. But once again, their run was cut short by a quick 0-2 loss to Samsung Galaxy. Of course, they could still make it to Worlds by taking over the Regional Finals. Their 3-2 victory over Jin Air showed a glimmer of hope, but the subsequent loss to Samsung Galaxy put an end to their ambitions.


After such a disappointing showing, LirA left Afreeca to play for Team EnVyUs in the NA LCS. But he wasn’t about to get a break there. EnVy’s 2017 Spring Split was rough around the edges, and the team finished the regular season in ninth place. This forced them to take part in the Promotion Tournament. Their 1-3 loss to Gold Coin United put them on the brink of elimination, but EnVy bounced back with back-to-back victories against eUnited and Gold Coin United.

In spite of such an underwhelming result, LirA was praised as a top-tier jungle. His combination of measured aggression and smart pathing made him a cut above his opponents. So much so that he was voted into the #1 NA LCS All-Pro Team during the Spring Split awards.

EnVy performed much better in summer. With an 8-10 record, they finished the regular season in sixth place and qualified for the playoffs. But the holes in their macro game were far too glaring, and they lost their Quarterfinals series against CLG with a 2-3 score.


When Team EnVyUs wasn’t accepted into the 2018 NA LCS season, LirA joined Clutch Gaming.

LirA International Tournaments

Over the course of his career, LirA didn’t attend any international tournaments.