Matt Domestic Career


Matthew “Matt” Elento began his LoL career in 2015 as a substitute on Gravity Gaming. He didn’t get to start in any games, though, which caused him to leave for Team Liquid Academy (TLA). TLA had a dominant showing in the NA CS 2016 Spring Qualifiers, finishing the tournament without dropping a single game.

Afterward, Team Liquid (TL) brought him onto its main roster. Matt did well in his first NA LCS games, showing up on champions like Bard, Alistar, and Janna. With his help, TL climbed to a fourth-place finish. They kicked off the playoffs with a 3-0 victory against NRG, but Team Liquid couldn’t keep the momentum going and dropped a close 5-game series to CLG. In the third place match, TL lost to Immortals with a 0-3 score.

The 2016 Summer Split didn’t bring them any solace. TL’s 9-9 record put them right in the middle of the LCS table, and the organization barely made it to the playoffs. In the Quarterfinals, they faced CLG. This opponent proved too hard for them to handle, and Team Liquid suffered a crushing 1-3 defeat. Of course, they had a chance to qualify for Worlds in the Regional Finals, but a swift 0-3 loss to Team EnVyUs put an end to their ambitions.


Team Liquid entered the 2017 Spring Split after making several roster changes. But their very first games proved that the new lineup was much worse than the old one. The organization struggled to stand up to the rising level of competition, ending the season in ninth place. Matt also looked weaker, and he routinely made mistakes and mechanical misplays.

This brought TL down to the Promotion Tournament, and the organization had to loan Doublelift from TSM to avoid relegation. Even so, their games came down to the wire. In the end, TL barely managed to stay in the league with hard-fought victories over eUnited and Gold Coin United.

For the 2017 NA LCS Summer Split, Team Liquid decided to stick with the same roster. This turned out to be a grave mistake, and their 4-14 run amounted to another ninth-place finish. Fortunately, their second Promotion Tournament kicked off with a confident victory against eUnited. And while they struggled against Phoenix1, TL ultimately won the 5-game series to keep their LCS slot.


In the off-season, Team Liquid overhauled its lineup, and Matt left the organization to join Golden Guardians.

Matt International Tournaments


On Team Liquid, Matt attended his first international tournament, IEM Season 11 Gyeonggi. His first game against Giants Gaming ended with a loss, and TL found themselves in the loser’s bracket. However, they managed to recuperate with two back-to-back victories, including a revenge win against Giants Gaming. But their Semifinals series ended with a crushing defeat against Samsung Galaxy. With that, Team Liquid was out of the tournament.