Yeik ‘MidOne’ Nai Zheng is the current mid player for Team Secret. He is famous for having some of the highest MMR in the world. He was the first player in the Southeast Asia servers to hit 8000 MMR, and the first to reach 10,000 MMR only a year later.



‘MidOne’s professional Dota 2 career began at the end of 2015 when he was signed by the team Fnatic. Prior to this, he had only played at amateur level. ‘MidOne’s debut event with Fnatic was The Shanghai Major Qualifier, which his team won and at the main event they finished 5th/6th. Between the qualifier and the main event however, Fnatic played in the StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 1, but placed 7th/12th.

Although Fnatic were off to a rocky start, they then went on to place top 4 at almost every event they participated in with a few exceptions. At The Manila Major, Fnatic placed 5th/6th. Heading into The International 2016, Fnatic were one of the strongest teams on the scene, and at the main event they placed 4th. After The International, ‘MidOne’s contract with Fnatic had expired and he was offered a place on Team Secret.

Team Secret

Initially, the team struggled to perform well as they failed to qualify for The Boston Major. Less than a month later, they would won ROG MASTERS 2016, but they would fail to consistently achieve good results, as they placed last at The Kiev Major a few months later. Overall, Team Secret achieved a very mixed bag of results, but they won the qualifier for The International 2017, but ended up placing 9th/12th. Following this, a few roster changes were made to the squad and since then, Team Secret has been recognized as perhaps the strongest team in the pro scene. They have placed in the top 4 at almost every event they have attended, with the exception of PGL Open Bucharest.

International tournaments

‘MidOne’ has helped Team Secret to achieve 1st place finishes at DreamLeague Season 8, 1st place at Captains Draft 4.0, and 2nd place at ESL One Hamburg. The International 2016 was the first International that ‘MidOne’ attended, and he helped Fnatic to achieve a 4th place finish. He also helped Fnatic to place 5th/6th at both The Manila Major and The Shanghai Major 2016.