MikeYeung Domestic Career


MiekYeung began his League of Legends career as a mid laner on Astral Authority. He later moved to the substitute position on Samadder Gaming and—once again—Astral Authority before deciding to jungle for Solaris.


MikeYeung didn’t have any notable showings until he signed with Phoenix1 in the middle of the 2017 NA LCS Summer Split. He quickly made his presence known with a string of strong showings on carry junglers. With his help, Phoenix1 shored up the holes in their play, scoring back-to-back victories against Team EnVyUs and Immortals.

Unfortunately, the meta shifted to team-oriented junglers, so MikeYeung could no longer employ his carry playstyle. As a result, Phoenix finished the season with a 4-14 record, and were knocked down to the 2018 NA LCS Spring Promotion tournament. There, Phoenix1 found a narrow 3-2 victory against Gold Coin United before falling 3-2 to Team Liquid. They managed to come back in the loser’s bracket with a clean sweep against eUnited.


In the off-season, MikeYeung signed with TSM. Despite his confident carry reputation, MikeYeung looked like a different person on this team. With that, TSM struggled in the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split. At one point, it seemed like they picked up the slack, as their 11-7 record was enough to secure third place in the regular season. But a different narrative unfolded in the playoffs, and TSM suffered a crushing 3-1 loss at the hand of Clutch Gaming.

For the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split, TSM demoted MikeYeung to the Academy league.

MikeYeung International Tournaments


MikeYeung’s first international tournament was the 2017 NA vs EU Rift Rivals event. There, he held his ground against top-tier junglers like Jankos, Trick, and Xerxe, leading Phoenix1 to a 4-2 group stage run. Unfortunately, only one North American team could play in the finals, and since TSM had an even better record, Phoenix1 had to take a step back.