Rasmus ‘MISERY’ Berth Filipsen is the current support and captain of Evil Geniuses. The Danish player has played every role at a professional level over the years and across different teams. As such, he is a highly versatile player who can adjust to his team’s needs. ‘MISERY’ has been on a number of teams, and has often struggled to find a more long-term position at any team other than Digital Chaos.


Early Career

‘MISERY’ began his DotA career in 2008. He had played on a number of teams to varying success and in 2010, the team he was currently playing with transitioned to Dota 2. At The International 2011, ‘MISERY’s team Meet Your Makers placed 4th. Following this, MYM disbanded and ‘MISERY’ joined the original Evil Geniuses squad along with ‘Fear’. The team placed 3rd at The Defense Season 1 and The Arena 1, but ‘MISERY’ would shortly leave EG and join Counter Logic Gaming.

Counter Logic Gaming

‘MISERY’s new team achieved varied results throughout the year. They had placed 2nd and 3rd at The Premier League and The Defense respectively, but they had also placed 9th/15th at StarLadder StarSeries and 5th/8th at DreamHack Summer. Ultimately, after a 9th/12th place finish at The International 2012 and failure to qualify for the StarLadder StarSeries, ‘MISERY’ left the team shortly before they completely disbanded.

LGD International

‘MISERY’ joined ‘Pajkatt’ on the team LGD International. These two players had played together on both Evil Geniuses and Counter Logic Gaming. LGD.int unfortunately struggled to achive any decent results, their most notable being a 2nd place finish at G-League Season 2. Despite trhis, the team were invited to The International 2013, where they placed 9th/12th. A few months later, ‘MISERY’ along with his teammate ‘Pajkatt’ would leave LGD.int and join Team Dog.

Team Dog

Team Dog achieved mediocre results, but after being signed by Mousesports, their performance began to increase. Mousesports placed 4th at DreamLeague Season 1 and 1st at the American Dota League Season 2. They had just placed 5th/8th at ESL One Frankfurt before heading into The International 2014, where they left with a disappointing result of 11th/12th place. The team disbanded shortly thereafter.


Following the departure of Mousesports, ‘MISERY’ struggled to find a spot on any team. However, he played as a stand-in first Alliance and then Team Secret. He had helped Alliance achieve 3rd place finishes at NVIDIA Game 24 and World Cyber Arena 2014 as well as a 4th place finish at StarLadder StarSeries Season 10. He had spent much less time with Team Secret, but helped them to achieve a 1st place finish at Dota Pit League Season 2.


At the beginning of 2015, ‘MISERY’ had found a position on the team Cloud9 as a support. Although Cloud9 had qualified for several tournaments and placed top 3 at several events, they had failed to win any events. After a 9th/12th finish at The International 2015, ‘MISERY’ would once agin find himself without a team.

Team Secret

‘MISERY’ along with EternaLEnVy, who he had played with on Cloud9 joined Team Secret.  The debut of ‘MISERY’s new team was at ESL One New York, where the team managed to place 2nd. Team Secret would win the next two Premier events which they attended. Team Secret later placed 2nd at The Frankfurt Major 2015 and 1st at The Shanghai Major. Leading up to and following their victory at The Shanghai Major 2016, Team Secret made a string of disappointing results. This resulted in ‘MISERY’ and his teammate ‘w33’ being kicked from the team.

Digital Chaos

‘MISERY’ and ‘w33’ decided to form their own team. They were rushed to find teammates due to roster locks for upcoming events, but they joined the organisation Digital Chaos with their own players in time. ‘MISERY’ captained the team. Although Digital Chaos achieved mostly mediocre results for the first few months including a 9th/12th finiush at The Manila Major 2016, they managed to qualify for The International by placing 2nd at the American Qualifiers. Despite their generally lackluster results, the team amazingly managed to place 2nd at The International 2016. Following this, Digital Chaos’ results improved drastically and they took home a 3rd/4th place finish at The Boston Major 2016. After a 7th/8th place finish at the StarLadder i-League, the squad left Digital Chaos and branded themselves under the new team name Thunderbirds.


Thunderbirds achieved a last place finish at The Kiev Major, but managed to qualift for EPICENTER 2017. Following this, the group were signed by Planet Odd. Under Planter Odd, the group placed 2nd at DreamLeague Season 7 and at the Galaxy Battles. Unfortunately, Planet Odd disbanded in August and ‘MISERY’ left his Digital Chaos squad which he had played with for over a year.

The Dire

The Dire was created in the post-TI7 shuffle. ‘MISERY’ once again joined his old friend ‘Pajkatt’. The team had little success, and although they came close on several ocasions, the team only managed to qualify for The Summit 8. Despite this, the group were picked up by the organisation OpTic Gaming. The squad continued to fail to qualify for a number of events, only making it into the ROG MASTERS 2017. Before they had played at The Summit 8, ‘MISERY’ left.

Evil Geniuses

In the new year of 2018, ‘MISERY’ was picked up by Evil Geniuses once more. Although they placed 5th/8th at their debut tournament, they placed 3rd/4th at ESL One Genting 2018 less than a month later.

International tournaments

‘MISERY’ helped Team Secret achieve 1st and 2nd place finishes at The Shanghai Major 2016 and The Frankfurt Major 2015 respectively. While playing with Digital Chaos, ‘MISERY’ also achieved a 2nd place finish at The International 2016. At the Boston Major 2016, ‘MISERY’ also attained a 3rd/4th place finish with Digital Chaos.