Mithy Domestic Career


Mithy started his career on Giants Gaming. His stay wasn’t long, though, and he left the team a month later. He then went through a number of competitive organizations like Wizards e-Sports club, Heimerdinger’s Colossi, and Against All Authority before settling on Lemondogs.

There, he finally played his first notable games in the 2013 EU LCS Summer Split. Lemondogs enjoyed great success, finishing the regular season in first place with an impressive 18-10 record. In the playoffs, they scored a confident 2-0 versus Gambit Gaming, but the finals against Fnatic ended with a disappointing 3-1 loss. Even so, this placing was enough to punch their ticket to the 2013 World Championship.


In spite of its success, the Lemondogs lineup fell apart in the preseason. Fortunately, Mithy found a new home on Ninjas in Pyjamas, and he took on the 2014 EU CS Spring Split. NiP enjoyed a lot of success and qualified for the Promotion Tournament, but a narrow 3-2 loss to Millenium put an end to their run. They entered the summer season with renewed vigor. However, right in the midst of the competition, Mithy received a 6-month suspension for offensive behavior in Solo Queue.


The Spanish support came back to the League of Legends scene by joining Origen together with an up-and-coming AD carry Zven. They proceeded to dominate the 2015 EU CS Spring Qualifier, and their decisive victory over Millenium Spirit earned them a spot in the Challenger Series. During this period, Origen also won major competitions like the 2015 Gamers Assembly and ESL MWC Challenge.

Origen were overwhelmingly powerful in the Challenger Series. They took over the regular season with a massive 9-1 record. And while their playoffs did start a somewhat close 2-1 victory over Reason Gaming, Origen picked up the slack and 3-0’d Copenhagen Wolves Academy in the finals. With that, Mithy was back in the EU LCS.

The 2015 Summer Split saw Origen climbing to the top of the EU LCS rankings. They put on a clinic in the regular season, and their 12-6 record meant they were one spot below the undefeated Fnatic. In the semifinals, Mithy and his teammates smashed H2K with a 3-1 score. However, the finals told a different narrative, and Origen suffered a narrow 3-2 loss at the hand of Fnatic. This knocked them down to the Regional Finals where they fought through Team ROCCAT and Unicorns of Love to make it to 2015 Worlds.


Origen fell off in the 2016 Spring Split. They had a rocky start in the regular season, and while they came back to secure an 11-7 record, it was a far cry from their previous dominant showing. Still, Origen had a resurgence in the playoffs. They took down Unicorns of Love with a swift 3-0 and proceeded to defeat H2K in a close 5-game series. But once again, the finals weren’t kind to them, and Origen fell 3-1 to the newly-promoted G2 Esports.

This shaky run prompted Mithy to take his lane partner—Zven—and leave the roster. They ended up joining the same team that just defeated them, G2. With Mithy and Zven at their side, G2 found unrivaled domestic success. They conquered the 2016 EU LCS Summer Split with a stellar 10-8-0 (wins-ties-losses) record during the regular season. And while Unicorns of Love and Splyce tried to put up a fight in the playoffs, G2 crushed both opponents with a 3-1 score. With that, they went on to represent Europe at the 2016 World Championship.


G2 continued their winning streak in the 2017 EU LCS Spring Split. They suffered a single loss in the regular season, making the playoffs qualification look deceptively simple. There, they bested Fnatic (3-1) before dismantling Unicorns of Love (3-1) in the finals. G2 also earned another chance to fight for Europe at a major international tournament, as they made it to the 2017 MSI.

The summer season brought many hardships to the once-dominant lineup. G2 spent too much time at the MSI, which meant they fell behind other European teams when it comes to practice. And while their 8-5 record was decent, for the first time since their inception, G2 fell down from the #1 place.

They were viewed as underdogs coming into the playoffs. But even though their quarterfinals series was a rocky 3-2 win over Splyce, G2 proceeded to 3-0 H2K and Misfits to win yet another domestic trophy. This made G2 the second most accomplished team in the EU LCS (behind Fnatic) and provided them with another Worlds ticket.


In 2018, Mithy left G2 to join TSM together with Zven. They were supposed to make the NA LCS powerhouse into a Worlds contender, but things didn’t go as planned. TSM had a plethora of synergy issues in the 2018 Spring Split, which caused them to lose one game after another. At one point, though, it seemed like they figured things out, as they had a massive resurgence during the second half of the regular season. But in spite of their impressive 13-7 record, TSM suffered a staggering quarterfinals loss at the hand of Clutch Gaming. The bot lane seemed particularly unconvincing, and Mithy indirectly contributed to the first time TSM didn’t reach the NA LCS finals.

Over the span of his career, Mithy proved to be a very versatile support. He excelled at a wide range of champions, including tanks, initiators, and enchanters. And while Mithy’s laning phase was originally his main strength, he later put a stronger emphasis on roaming and teamfighting.

Mithy International Tournaments


On Lemondogs, Mithy went to his first international event, the 2013 World Championship. His team proved to be competitive in the group stage, but its 3-5 record wasn’t enough to overtake League of Legends titans like SKT T1 and OMG. With that, Lemondogs were eliminated from the tournament.


On Origen, Mithy took part in the 2015 World Championship. His team enjoyed success in the group stage and advanced to the quarterfinals with an impressive 4-2 record. There, Origen scored a decisive 3-1 victory over Flash Wolves. However, the semifinals pit the against the powerhouse SKT T1 lineup, and Origen crumbled, losing the series with a 3-0 score.

It’s also worth noting that Origen had a great run at IEM San Jose where they struck down TSM and CLG and raised the trophy without dropping a single game. That said, they couldn’t replicate this success at the IEM Season 10 World Championship, as they left the tournament after losing to RNG and TSM.


When Mithy joined G2, he qualified for the 2016 World Championship. His team struggled to stand up to international competition, and G2 produced a 1-5 record in a group with ROX Tigers, Albus NoX Luna, and Counter Logic Gaming.


In 2017, Mithy and G2 took on the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational. G2 looked unconvincing in the group stage, and they barely made it into the playoffs with a 4-6 record. The EU LCS representatives entered the semifinals against Team WE as underdogs, but inexplicably, they stepped up their game and found a 3-1 victory. And while they fell 3-1 to SKT in the finals, this run was enough to make up for their previous international shortcomings.

G2 had the chance to continue their Cinderella story at the 2017 World Championship. But as luck would have it, they were placed in the same group with 1907 Fenerbahçe, Royal Never Give Up, Samsung Galaxy. The latter teams proved too tough for them to handle, and G2 were eliminated from the group stage.