Chai ‘Mushi’ Yee Fung is the current solo mid player for Mineski.



‘Mushi’s career began towards the end of 2011 when he joined Orange. ‘Mushi’ took a break from professional play sometime after winning the Malaysia Invitational, however. He would return a few months prior to The International 2012. There, his team would place 7th/8th after receiving a 9th/12th place finish at BeyondTheSummit World Tour.

‘Mushi’ stayed with Orange following their TI result and their results began to dramatically improve. They consistently placed highly at every event they attended and as a result, they were favorites to win The International 2013. The community voted for ‘Mushi’ to participate in the All-Star Match through The International 2013 compendium which reflected his popularity within the community and his notable individual plays. He also participated in the 1 vs 1 tournament and placed 2nd. At the main event, Orange placed 3rd. After The International, ‘Mushi’ would leave Orange and join Team DK about a month later.

Team DK

DK struggled to get good results initially, as shown by a 5th/8th place finish at National Electronic Sports Tournament. However, they quickly shaped up and began winning several events, most notably 2013 WPC ACE Dota 2 League, and the StarLadder StarSeries Season 9. Heading into The International 2014, Team DK were strong contenders for the Aegis of Champions and they ended up placing 4th. ‘Mushi’ once again participated in the solo 1 vs 1 tournament, but this year placed 5th/8th.


‘Mushi’ formed Team Malaysia with players from the team Titan who he had acted as a stand-in for. Team Malaysia won several qualifiers and a few months before The International 2015 placed 3rd at i-League Season 3 and were subsequently signed by Fnatic. However, shortly after this, they placed 5th/8th at ESL One Frankfurt 2015, and at The International 2015, the team finished joint last. Over the course of the next year, Fnatic’s results very slowly improved but remained quite poor for a long time. They placed joint last at The Frankfurt Major, and 5th/6th at both The Shanghai Major and The Manila Major. At The International 2016, Fnatic managed to place 4th, to many people’s surprise. ‘Mushi’ stayed with Fnatic until the beginning of 2016 when the team lost the StarLadder i-league StarSeries.


Following his departure from Fnatic, ‘Mushi’ played as a stand-in for Mineski-X. However, he joined Mineski’s main roster prior to The International 2017 Qualifiers. Unfortunately, Mineski did not qualify for the main event. However, following this, the team’s performance began to increase, culminating in a 1st place finish at PGL Open Bucharest. In the beginning of 2018, Mineski have achieved 3rd/4th place finishes at both Captains Draft 4.0 and StarLadder i-League Invitational. However, they have also placed 9th/12th at the previous two ESL One events, suggesting that there is indeed room for improvement.

International tournaments

Most of ‘Mushi’s achievements were made while playing with Team DK. He placed 4th at The International 2014 and 2016, and 3rd at The International 2013. At both The Shanghai and The Manila Major, ‘Mushi’ placed 5th/6th with Fnatic. At The International 2013, ‘Mushi’ participated in the 1 vs 1 tournament and placed 2nd, which demonstrated his individual skill in the mid lane.