Olleh Domestic Career


Olleh began his LoL career by joining KT Rolster Arrows in 2013. However, he didn’t get to start in any games, which caused him to leave for Midas FIO. Together with his new teammates, he participated in 2014 HOT6iX Champions Spring. But Midas FIO didn’t enjoy success in the group stage, and their 0-3 record meant they were knocked out of the tournament. Olleh left the team shortly thereafter.

He found a new home on the Brazilian paiN Gaming. The team performed well domestically, going all the way to 2014 Season Brazil Regional Finals. paiN Gaming had a promising start with a victory over INTZ, but the subsequent loss to CNB e-Sports knocked them out of the competition.

They also took part in the X5 Mega Arena 2. Once again, paiN Gaming kicked off the playoffs stage with a 2-0 against INTZ. But paiN Gaming suffered a crushing defeat in the finals against Keyd Stars. Still, they managed to bounce back in the International Challenge bracket with a win against Isurus Gaming. In the finals, they had a rematch with Keyd Stars and took away the W with a sudden reverse-sweep.


In 2015, Olleh went to the LMS to join Hong Kong Esports (HKE). With a 15-6 record, his team put on a clinic over the regular season and readied itself for the playoffs. But HKE were in for a harsh awakening when AHQ dismantled them 3-0 in the first round of the competition. They came out even stronger in summer, qualifying for the playoffs with a 5-8-1 (wins-ties-losses) record. In the playoffs, they scored back-to-back victories against Midnight Sun Esports and Flash Wolves only to fall short against AHQ in the finals.

At first, it seemed like they were about to bounce back in the 2015 Taiwan Regional Finals. Their 3-2 victory over Taipei Assassins showed a lot of promise, but ultimately, HKE couldn’t keep this momentum going and faltered against Flash Wolves.


HKE had high hopes coming into 2016. But the Spring Season proved harder than they thought, and their fifth-place finish wasn’t enough to qualify for the playoffs. And while they stepped up in summer, they crumbled in the first round against AHQ. The 2016 Taiwan Regional Finals ended with another disappointing 0-3 loss to AHQ e-Sports.


In the off-season, Olleh parted ways with the organization and joined Immortals in the NA LCS. Their 2017 NA LCS Spring Split was incredibly shaky, and Olleh struggled to perform in a new environment. Immortals finished the regular season in seventh place, effectively missing out on the playoffs.

But a single roster change was all it took for Immortals to make their comeback. They went on a roll in summer, producing a 14-4 record and tying with TSM for first place. In the playoffs, they scored a confident 3-0 against CLG, and while they fell to TSM in the finals, they still earned an invitation to Worlds. During this time, Olleh’s aggressive playmaking was key in propelling his team to victory.


When Immortals weren’t accepted into the franchising system, Olleh moved to Team Liquid.

Olleh International Tournaments


On paiN Gaming, Olleh attended IEM Season 9 San Jose. This was his first international tournament, and his team lost 0-2 to Cloud9 in the first round of the competition. With that, they were eliminated from the event.


On Immortals, Olleh attended the IEM Season 11 Gyeonngi event. Immortals scored a win against J Team in the group stage but fell in the following series against Samsung Galaxy. In the loser’s bracket, they defeated J Team once again to qualify for the playoffs. But this was the end of the line for them as they lost to Kongdoo Monster in the Semifinals.


They also took part in the 2017 World Championship. There, Immortals had a strong 2-1 start over the first week of the competition. But inexplicably, they couldn’t secure a single win afterward and failed to qualify for the knockout stage.