Per ‘Pajkatt’ Anders Olsson Lille is the current carry player for OpTic Gaming. ‘Pajkatt’ has played in a number of European teams over the years including Natus Vincere, Alliance and Counter Logic Gaming


Early Career

‘Pajkatt’ established himself as a skilled player in DotA. There, he played with several teams and famous players such as ‘Fear’ and ‘Puppey’. In 2011, the team that ‘Pajkatt’ was currently playing with , would represent their organisation Online Kingdom at The International 2011. This would mark ‘Pajkatt’s transition to Dota 2. ‘Pajkatt’ scored the first official rampage in the world at this event and had the highest average GPM at the entire tournament. Online Kingdom was dissolved in November of 2011, and ‘Pajkatt’ along with his teammate ‘Fear’ would join Evil Geniuses. However, after only a few months, ‘Pajkatt’ left Evil Geniuses to join his Swedish friends ‘Loda’ and ‘Akke’ on the team eXperience Gaming. Less than a month later, the team were picked up by Counter Logic Gaming.

Counter Logic Gaming

This team was quite successful while ‘Pajkatt’ played with them. They achieved many great results including a 2nd place finish at The Premier League, 3rd place at StarLadder StarSeries, 3rd place at The Defense and 1st at BeyondTheSummit World Tour. Heading into The International 2012, the team looked very strong, although unfortunately, the team placed 9th/12th and shortly after this ‘Pajkatt’ left the team to join LGD International.

LGD International

LGD International started off very strongly, with a 1st place finish at GEST Challenge 2012 and 2nd place at G-League Season 2. Following this, the team’s results began to dip, and at The International 2013, the team placed 9th/12th. In December, ‘Pajkatt’ left and would form Team Dog a few months later.


Team Dog managed to secure an invite to ESL One Frankfurt after winning the qualifier for the event. This led to the team being signed by Mousesports in May. Mousesports won the European Qualifier for The International 2014 and also placed 4th at DreamLeague Season 1. At The International, the team would only place 11th/12th however, and ‘Pajkatt’ would join Team Tinker supposedly temporarily.

Team Tinker

‘Pajkatt’s stay with Team Tinker was longer than anticipated and actually lasted until the end of the year. This team had quite a lot of success, as they managed to win the Megafon Battle Arena, EIZO Cup #12, and placed 2nd at Dota 2 Champions League. After a 5th/6th place finish at The Summit 2, ‘Pajkatt’ along with his teammate ‘EGM’, would join the Swedish organisation Alliance at the beginning of 2015.


‘Pajkatt’ was with Alliance for half a year, until June 2015 after failing to qualify for The International 2015. The team received mediocre results at several tournaments, but managed to place 2nd at joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2 and 4th at DreamLeague Season 3.

4 Clover & Lepricon

‘Pajkatt’ rejoined his former teammate ‘EGM’ on the team abbreviate as 4C&L. 4C&L mostly had limited success, but they managed to place 3rd at DreamLeague Season 4 and 2nd at Game Show Global eSport Cup Season 1. Following this, ‘Pajkatt’ and two of his teammates reformed 4C&L as Mamas Boys for The Shanghai Major Qualifiers at the beginning of 2016.

Mamas Boys

The team got through the first part of the qualifier but ultimately fell short. ‘Pajkatt’ only played with Mamas Boys for little over a month, and left after placing 4th at Captains Draft 3.0. ‘Pajkatt’ would join the team Digital Chaos as their coach in for several months.

Natus Vincere

In February of 2017, ‘Pajkatt’ joined Natus Vincere. The team had limited success, and although they participated at several premier events such as DOTA Summit 7 and EPICENTER 2017, they only received mediocre results. After failing to qualify for The International 2017, it is announced that ‘Pajkatt’ would leave the team and form the new team The Dire.

OpTic Gaming

Shortly after qualifying for DOTA Summit 8, The Dire were signed by OpTic Gaming. This team has had mediocre success, qualifying for several events, but also failing to qualify for several. The team placed 2nd at the ROG MASTERS 2017 and 6th/7th at DOTA Summit 8.

International tournaments

‘Pajkatt’ has played with a number of teams over the years. Although he has never achieved consistently high results or 1st place finishes at highly prestigious events, he is very well known and has achieved several good results. More recently, he helped his current team, OpTic Gaming, achieve a 2nd place finish at ROG MASTERS 2017.